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Tag: photosharing

Daily App: PhotosPro will make you think Apple's iOS photo app is outdated

PhotosPro (US$1.99) is a very appealing app that could teach Apple a few lessons. Think of it as a replacement for Apple's Photos app. It will display your photos in a long list, or let you see what you took on a particular date or within a range of dates. It will show you a map of where your photo...

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WerYoo is a new social photography app with some appealing features

WerYoo ("where you," get it?) is a new free social network and app that lets you add photos to maps, share your photos with friends and get real-time updates on new photos and experiences near you. To get started, you sign up for a free account via Facebook or a separate WerYoo account. After get...

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Facebook launches shared albums, officially making Cluster obsolete

Last week I wrote an article about how pointless the recently released photo-sharing app Cluster -- which raised a ridiculous US$1.6 million in funding -- is, given that the vast majority of its features are already mimicked on more popular services, including Facebook. Today, in an interview with...

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Do we really need yet another photo sharing app? No, we do not

Yesterday, photo-sharing app Cluster announced it had scored US$1.6 million in seed funding from a variety of parties, including Instagram investor Steve Anderson. Cluster v1.0 also hit the App Store yesterday, and as it swims in a sea of "me too" photography apps, you have to ask yourself: What's t...

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Imgur CEO hopes official iPhone app will launch in a few weeks

Chances are that you've stumbled upon photos on Imgur before, even if you're not familiar with the site itself. Imgur is an extremely popular and free photo-sharing site that quickly grew in popularity thanks to social media sites like Reddit. It also helps that the site, which now generates upwards...

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DabKick has a unique twist on photo sharing- real time

DabKick is a free app that allows you to create and share a slide show from your iPhone in realtime with someone else, no matter where they are as long as they have Internet access. First, gather some pictures from your camera roll on the app, then text or email a friend or family member. They ...

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Photoset is a great free way to share photos

Photoset hit the App Store today, and I am pretty impressed. The app comes from the Tumblr folks and lets you select multiple photos from your iOS device, arrange them, add a caption and put them on the web. When your photos are uploaded, you'll get a URL you can email or share through Tumblr or ...

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Use Fotobooks+ to organize, store and share photos on your iPhone

Fotobooks+ is a US$0.99 app for iPhone that lets you organize photos in your Camera Roll into albums. The results look great and can be locked to keep select photos private. Here's my look at Fotobooks+. Pictures can be annotated with captions, which only appear once you've tapped an image. A s...

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Blinq Photo will save and share your images

Blinq Photo lets you access, share and edit photos on a home computer remotely. Its purpose is to provide users with a free solution for creating and sharing photos and albums. I found it to be simple and effective and requires very little fuss. Let me walk you through the process of getting Bl...

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Daily iPhone app: iRelay!

iRelay! (US$0.99) is an interesting photo sharing app that provides some features that aren't native to the iPhone. Using the app, pictures on your phone can be grouped by collection, activity or person. A link can be posted to the galleries, and that link can be shared over email, text message...

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Google's Photovine goes live with its photo sharing app

Photovine is Google's latest iOS app and it's best described as a photo-sharing app with a public twist. Unlike Instagram which lets you share your stylized mobile photos with your friends and followers, Photovine ditches the filters and has a much more public slant. You publish your photo wi...

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Facebook prepping a photo-sharing app for the iPhone

Leaked information provided to TechCrunch suggests Facebook is prepping a photo-sharing app for the iPhone. From the description, the app is a mixture of Instagram with some of the location information and social sharing of Path and Color. A few surprises are also supposedly thrown into the mix...

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Piictu puts the fun into iOS picture sharing

What? Another iOS photo sharing app? No, wait, keep reading! The just-released Piictu app (official site, iTunes) has some new tricks to show you. Piictu's big idea is to treat the photos you post not as the traditional timeline view we associate with blogs and apps like Instagram, but rather a...

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Twitter to have systemwide integration in iOS 5?

TechCrunch reports that Twitter is on the verge of launching its own photo-sharing service in direct competition with existing services like TwitPic and yFrog. The big news for iOS device users is this service might have system-level integration in iOS 5. According to TechCrunch, the site has hear...

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CrowdOptic could raise the bar for augmented reality apps

Augmented reality may be taking the next giant step forward with CrowdOptic, an app that will provide a graphic data overlay for live events. If you are at a concert (with the system in place), point the app at the stage and you'll get details like those in the picture above. Point it at a play...

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