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Flipboard turns social network content into a virtual magazine

The latest hotness wandering around the blogs is this iPad app called Flipboard, which turns your favorite social network content into an easy-to-read magazine-styled layout. It does look good -- the idea is that pictures and text are all pulled in from various social feeds, and then assembled to...

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Post pictures to Tumblr Quickr

Quickr is a $0.99US iPhone app to take pictures and quickly post them to your Tumblr account. Here's the simplest explanation I can give for how Quickr lives up to its name: Steps necessary to take a picture and post it through the Tumblr app: launch Tumblr app tap post (assuming you have the ...

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Apple hiring camera expert for iPad, may include USB Audio support with connection kit

I still haven't picked up an iPad yet, though I'm pretty convinced I will soon -- even if I don't need one myself, there's obviously a lot of great apps out there to try. But already there's rumbling that the camera train is due for a stop at iPad station. Apple is hiring a new member of the iPad t...

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iPad launch: Santa Monica Apple Store

It was actually a low-key affair at the Santa Monica Apple Store on the Third Street Promenade this morning. About an hour before the store opened for business at 9am PST, there were only about 100 people in line, and by the time all of the Apple employees moved outside, clapping and trying to get ...

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Eye-Fi Pro X2 cards have arrived, and you probably want one

I pre-ordered an Eye-Fi Pro X2 from Amazon a few weeks ago. (Don't be too jealous, I did it when I decided that I was going to have to wait for an iPad for financial reasons.) This is not my first Eye-Fi card, as I bought a 2GB version a few years ago -- and quite frankly, I hated it and thought it ...

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iPhone modded with titanium back

Everyone's saying that the next version of the iPhone will have a case upgrade, but Martin Schrotz couldn't wait -- he encased his iPhone 3GS in titanium, and Engadget has a gallery of pictures of the ubercool mod. I thought he had actually put the titanium cover over the plastic back, but apparent...

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Customize your collage with Shape Collage

I'm a big fan of Zykloid Software's Posterino, a Mac app that allows you to create elegant collages. Similarly, you can use Shape Collage to create a collage. However, as implied in the app's namesake, you can also customize the shape of your collage to one of the many included preset options, as w...

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Macworld 2010: TUAW goes to the mothership

No Macworld is complete without at least one pilgrimage to the mothership in Cupertino, and so yesterday, before the meetings and interviews we're planning today, David Winograd, Dave Caolo, and myself made the trip to the Apple Campus. In the gallery below, you can see what we saw, from the boxed ...

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Purported pics of next-gen iPhone front face surface

iResQ, the iPhone/iPod repair site, has posted pics of what they claim is the front faceplate of the next-gen iPhone. Two things about this piece of hardware are particularly interesting. First, the part is approximately 1/4 of an inch taller than the iPhone 3GS, indicative of a slightly taller form...

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Nothing was stirring, not even these mice

Wired's Gadget Lab points to this great Flickr gallery by raneko of Apple mice throughout the years, from the blocky one-button behemoths of years past up to the smooth and slick Mighty and Magic mice of today. Laid all in a row like that, it's interesting to see just how much care went into the lo...

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iPhone app helps Tasmanian cops nab crooks

Tasmanian cops are using some pretty sophisticated technology to catch criminals down there -- they have hardware in their cars now that will not only catch pictures of criminals, but upload them to a database, track down any outstanding warrants or other red flags, and update GPS information and l...

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Sketches 2 available now for creating even better art on your iPhone

Our friends at LateNiteSoft sent word that they've updated Sketches, one of the first iPhone apps I ever picked up, to version 2.0. The app has been released [iTunes link] as an entirely new download, so even upgraders from version 1 will have to pay the current price of $1.99. LateNiteSoft tells u...

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Pictures from the Beijing iPhone launch

Reader Maik Lutze sent us some pictures from in front of "THE PLACE" shopping center in the CBD area of Beijing. As you can see, Apple is planning for a rather large event tomorrow! He notes the activation stations, with copiers for IDs and, sadly, Windows machines for activation. There's also a sta...

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From Berlin with love: Hama cases for rumored iPod touch with camera

It's no secret that next week's Apple event is built around the iPod, and all signs point towards new iPod touch and iPod nano models with a marquee new feature: cameras. As the cavalcade of case manufacturer leaks continues, Engadget visited with case builder Hama at the IFA trade show in Berlin an...

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Terminal Tips: Change the location of snapped screenshots

Are you tired of all of those icons from screenshots you've taken cluttering up space on your desktop? If you would like them in a different place when you snap them, here's a command to change the location. Using the Terminal, enter the following command to change the location: defaults write com...

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