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Hop for iPhone makes email feel like messaging

If you feel like standing in a virtual line for a chance to try "email reimagined," then hop on over to the App Store today and grab a free copy of Hop for iPhone. The app, previously known as Ping, is the latest in what seems to be an endless series of apps that are trying to figure out how to make...

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Email reimagined (again): Ping app to launch 9/18, renamed to Hop [updated]

Update: The app formerly known as Ping has been renamed thanks to some trademark disputes; it's now called Hop, and is available in the App Store. Access to the back-end service is by reservation for the time being. If a product is really hard to search for online, it better be pretty intriguing; t...

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Daily Update for October 1, 2012

It's the TUAW Daily Update, your source for Apple news in a convenient audio format. You'll get all the top Apple stories of the day in three to five minutes for a quick review of what's happening in the Apple world. You can listen to today's Apple stories by clicking the inline player (requi...

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Fare thee well, Ping: 2010-2012

With an exit far more quiet than its heralded beginnings, Ping officially closed two years and a month after it was launched on Sept. 1, 2010. If you happened to have your iTunes still open from yesterday, see Ping in the menu, and click on it, you'll get the message seen above. Hit OK, and Pin...

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Ping to bow out on September 30

Farewell, Ping. As expected, Apple's much-beleagured attempt at launching its own social media network is going to the graveyard of tried, but failed Apple ideas. A notification in the Ping area of iTunes shows that the feature will no longer be available as of September 30, and 9to5Mac noticed...

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Next release of iTunes may kill off Ping

Ping was announced by Steve Jobs during Apple's Fall 2010 music event and launched that same day. Despite a few early successes with the product, the social network never caught on with Apple users and a recent report from AllThingsD suggests it never will. Speaking at the recent AllThingsD D...

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2010 in review: Rise of iOS

Here, in no particular order, are some of the top stories we saw in 2010. The year was packed with Apple announcements, some planned and one unplanned. The real standout this year was iOS coming into its own. This year's WWDC was all about iOS, for example. The Apple TV now runs iOS. iOS 4.2 breath...

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Apple patent filing outlines social networking for shopping

While a lot of shopping is making the move to online stores, for many people there's no substitute for the real thing -- going to a store, browsing merchandise and picking up and trying on things. A recent patent filing by Apple, discovered by AppleInsider, demonstrates a Ping-like social networking...

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Ping allows users to share playlists

Apple continues to improve Ping, its iTunes-based social network, by adding support for shared iTunes playlists. Customers can now create a new playlist (or import an existing one) and share it with their Ping followers. Here's how it works. To create a new playlist to share, connect to Ping and the...

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Loopt app updated for persistent networking, includes texting service and rewards

I remember Loopt being one of the first apps out on the App Store, back when the iPhone's platform was first released. A couple of years ago, location-based social networking was still pretty new (most cell phones didn't yet know exactly where they were, after all), and Loopt was one of the most ad...

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Ping gets exclusive posthumous Michael Jackson song

While some people think Ping is a flop (including me), Apple did score one little victory with its iTunes-centric social media network: its secured the exclusive rights to stream a new Michael Jackson song for the next week. Visitors to Ping's Michael Jackson page can listen to the song, titled "...

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Apple's Ping among Business Insider's tech flops of 2010

Business Insider lists Ping among the 15 biggest flops in tech for 2010. The reason for this listing is that Ping was launched with a great deal of publicity, but it still hasn't gained much of a foothold in the hearts and minds of its users. Business Insider cites the reminder mail about Ping, sent...

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Game Center terms of service updated, real names shared on invitation

Apple has quietly tweaked the Game Center terms of service to add in the rule that whenever you first invite a friend to join your friends list in the gaming social network app, your real first and last names (as entered in your iTunes account) are shown to them. You still use a nickname as a full ...

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Ping now available on iPad

iPad users may have to wait a little longer than they'd like for features like multitasking and folder support, but at least one new feature is available right now: the iPad now supports Ping, Apple's stab at a social media component to the iTunes Store. Via an update to the iTunes Store's servers, ...

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Apple could use '' domain as link shortener

Following today's Ping Twitter integration, many on Twitter started blasting the overly long Ping URLs. Now, MacRumors points out that one of their readers speculates that Apple could use its own link shortener to help fit Ping links into Twitter's character limitation. The

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