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Steve Jobs on Apple in 1996, prior to his return

In 1996, Steve Jobs sat down with PBS' Wall $treet Week host Louis Rukeyser and discussed his current business ventures - Pixar and NeXT. He also touched briefly on his former project, Apple, which in 1996 was at an all-time low and considered to be "one of the failure stories of Wall Street." ...

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Antitrust class action lawsuit filed against Apple, others over anti-poaching agreements

The law firm of Lieff Cabraser Heimann & Bernstein has announced that they have filed a class action lawsuit against Apple and other major tech companies on behalf of a Lucasfilm employee. The lawsuit alleges that the tech companies took part in illegal "no solicitation" agreements that barred...

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Labor union opposed to Steve Jobs' reelection to Disney board

Steve Jobs' position as a director of Disney is being questioned as the company's annual shareholder's meeting takes place in Salt Lake City today. The AFL-CIO federation of labor unions has already voted against his reelection, citing his absences for health reasons and full-time responsibili...

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Toy Story director is a Mac addict

Lee Unkrich is one of the creative minds behind the Toy Story series, A Bug's Life, Monsters, Inc., and Finding Nemo. Those are, of course, just a few of his accomplishments. He's obviously a fairly important part of the Pixar creative empire, and his movies have inspired millions of people. He's a...

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Toy Story 3 and the Mac

One of the things I missed in the news last week due to being so busy at Macworld (along with most of the Olympics, though we did get to watch the opening ceremony at a post-show dinner) was the brand new Toy Story 3 trailer -- Pixar's latest movie has Buzz and Woody in a third adventure, and while...

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Spot the SPOD: Mac OS X rainbow cursor shows up in Pixar's "Up"

Being the Disney-Pixar fanatics that we are, my wife and I went to see Up Saturday night (in Disney Digital 3D, of course) at our local theater. Remembering the appearance of the Mac startup sound as Wall-E's waking noise in last year's Pixar epic, and the brief shot of an Apple-themed racer in Cars...

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TUAW 1986

Luxo Jr. gets Academy Award nomination Even though Steve Jobs is no longer with Apple, we're still interested in what he's doing. You'll remember that he bought a computer graphics company from director George Lucas last year (for a rumored $10 million), which he named "Pixar." We don't know how man...

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WALL???E - Robot with the heart of a Mac

Several TUAW readers have reported after seeing midnight showings of Disney-Pixar's new and highly-rated movie WALL•E that when the robot boots up, he makes the standard Mac startup sound. That's not the only Apple connection with the movie. Of course, Steve Jobs is the largest single sharehold...

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Apple helps Pixar out with WALL???E

I'm a big fan of almost everything Pixar does (Cars wasn't their best effort, though it was enjoyable), so it is a happy day when a story that links Pixar to my favorite computer company comes along. It would seem that the good folks at Pixar really wanted to play up the differences between the titu...

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Jobs/Pixar cleared of backdating issues

Well, it seems that all of this may blow least for Steve and the Pixar execs. Late last year, Pixar, Steve's other company which he sold to Disney, was forced to take another look at some accounting actions. One of the suggested possibilities was that Pixar's John Lasseter was given a back...

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Steve in trouble over stock options deal?

There's some more news today on the stock options story. According to AppleInsider, it has been suggested that Steve gave Pixar director John Lasseter a questionable, backdated stock option bonus. I must admit that I haven't really paid much attention to this story, mostly because it's still specul...

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Jobs and Apple not out of the Options scandal woods yet

The Wall Street Journal has the best summary (subscription maybe required) of the Apple options backdating scandal that I have read to date. They take a look at Apple's filings and point that that Steve 'recommended the selection of some favorable grant dates,' though he was not involved in the impr...

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Disney/Pixar's Cars movie now in iTunes, special pricing

Although I'm getting older and grayer by the day, I'm still really a kid at heart. That's probably why I love the movie Cars. I love it so much that it's about to become the very first full-length movie that I personally purchase on iTunes. Cars was released today in the iTunes Store [iTS link] an...

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Apple easter egg in Pixar's "Cars"

Brian at FreeMacBlog writes in to point out an Apple easter egg he spotted in Pixar's Cars. During the opening race, one of the cars that is briefly on screen has an Apple logo on the hood, and is fittingly numbered "84." Pretty cool, Brian! Did anyone else spot this car?...

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Cars video podcast

Who doesn't like Pixar movies? The latest effort from our favorite part of Disney is 'Cars.' I know, I know this isn't exactly breaking news but the fine folks at Pixar have created a video podcast chronicling different parts of the movie, and it is available via iTunes. [via Luxo] ...

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