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Apple patent roundup: Pico projectors and schematic maps

It's turning out to be a pretty big week for Apple's patent portfolio. Earlier this week the company was granted nearly 20 new patents, and it's just filed for two more eyebrow-raising patents. The first patent, described in detail at Patently Apple, covers so-called "pico" projectors that coul...

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Apple hiring iOS navigation software experts

Four new job board listings suggest Apple may be looking for engineers to help build navigation software for iOS. Each position is looking for someone to "deliver the next generation of Apple products" and asks for "experience developing navigation software." All four job listings are identical, sug...

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Why Apple might want to buy ARM

--- Last January, Apple COO Tim Cook stated, "We believe we need to own and control the primary technologies behind the products we make." That motivation, backed by Apple's 41 billion cash on hand, makes its rumored acquisition of ARM Holdings so compelling. --- What would you do if you had $41...

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iPhone's Google Maps app now shows ads

Have you noticed the new "Sponsored Link" search results showing up when you search in Google Maps on your iPhone? These new search results are ads. They're easy to pick out, because they use a customized icon instead of the typical push pin icon. While it's not surprising that Google is going to wa...

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Apple bought mapping service company Placebase

Seth at Computerworld has noticed Apple's purchase of Placebase, the former mapping service company that GigaOm was praising last year. Of course, this begs the question: Will Apple be rolling their own maps? As Gizmodo says, Apple uses the technology they buy (Coverflow, for example). We were unfam...

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