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O2 announces iPhone 3G S pricing

OK, UK iPhone fans, O2 has released its iPhone 3G S pricing plans for monthly and Pay & Go customers. Depending on your plan, your 16GB or 32GB iPhone 3G S could be free (but you'll be paying a healthy monthly tab). The full details for monthly and Pay & Go plans are on O2's site, but her...

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Aurora Feint devs share their social code in OpenFeint

The folks behind the popular Aurora Feint series of iPhone games have decided to share their work creating a "social MMO" system on the iPhone with other developers. They've just announced a system called "OpenFeint," which other devs will be able to license and use in their own games. OpenFeint wil...

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Rogers revising iPhone plans?

MacNN reports that Rogers Wireless will be revising its iPhone plans on October 1 to include a new 250 minute plan for $60, among other changes. The new bundles, MacNN says, would feature a $60 plan with: 250 daytime minutes 75 texts 1GB data Visual Voicemail three months of unlimited loc...

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TimesOnline: Why you'll be paying a lot for iPhone 3G roaming

Remember when the first generation iPhone was released and people found themselves traveling overseas only to return to a large bill from AT&T? Well, TimesOnline is weighing in on the possible problems of data roaming and the iPhone 3G. As it turns out, 3G bandwidth is, shall we say, expensive....

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How much will an iPhone cost you?

If you've held off so far, this week's new iPhone announcements may sway you to re-consider moving your phone service to iPhone. So what will this decision cost you? The phone cost is the least significant factor. Whether the 8GB iPhone sells for $200 or $400 subsidized or $400 or $800 unsubsidized ...

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The small print stinks: No iPod features without service plan

We seem to have an answer to one of our biggest questions: Can you buy an iPhone and just use the built in WiFi and iPod features? Apparently not. According to the small print on Apple's rate plan webpage, you need to purchase a 2 year wireless service plan. This means your iPhonePod will cost you a...

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iPhone price too high?

A recent study shows that the iPhone's price point might drive away potential customers. Macworld writes about a survey by Compete, which tells us more or less what we already know: if they gave away free iPhones in boxes of Lucky Charms, we'd be all magically delicious over those things like white ...

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