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Google Latitude app shows up, disappears from Japanese App Store

An app for Google Latitude briefly appeared on the Japanese iOS App Store yesterday, only to disappear a few hours later. Latitude is, of course, Google's persistent location-based service, allowing you to see where your friends are at on a map and share your own location in real time. There are ...

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River of News' real money returns

Developer Dylan Ginsburg has noticed that a lot of iPhone companies (including most of the folks I spoke with at GDC last week) don't like to talk about exactly how much money they've made on the App Store. But he has no such compunctions, so he's written up a nice post on his blog about how much hi...

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GameSalad announces GameSalad Direct, publishing model outside of Apple's dev program

We've posted about GameSalad here before -- the company offers up a third-party development and publishing solution that allows anyone, even non-coders, to jump into the GS SDK, make a game, and then quickly publish it out to the web or platforms like Apple's App Store. The company has been narrowi...

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Vimeo embeds now working on iPad, iPhone

[Note: While most videos on would play back on iDevices prior to this update if watched on the Vimeo site, the new 'Universal Player' embed code should allow publishers and website developers to include compatible embeds on their sites. Vimeo does not provide mobile versions of every vi...

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Archetype nets 160,000 players in first week, promises updates and features soon

We posted about Archetype the other day -- it's an impressively solid multiplayer first-person shooter for the iPhone that brings some hardcore gameplay to Apple's touchscreen platform. And apparently there are a lot of hardcore players out there -- in just one week of release, Archetype has picked ...

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Pair of App Store studies show Apple is the devs' choice, for now

I wouldn't have called July 4th weekend as a great time for releasing studies about in-depth App Store information, but it was certainly that, as quite a few studies came to light this weekend about how the Android and the Apple App Stores compare. First up, App Store HQ has released some informati...

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EA Mobile: iPad is a "destination device"

EA Mobile's Travis Boatman had a chat with Mobile Entertainment recently, and he says that the iPad is going like gangbusters for the mobile games company. "We're really pleased with the results so far," he told ME. "It has a lot of the characteristics of the type of device that plays well with our ...

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Content company raises $2 million to develop for iPad

Thinking Screen Media is a content platform developer, putting together a content delivery system designed to bring information to "millions of connected screens worldwide." Now, it seems that many of those screens might be iPads. TechCrunch reports that they've raised a whopping $2 million just to ...

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WSJ: Apple to charge a premium to put ads in mobile apps

When Steve Jobs introduced iAd on April 8th, he provided some details on how it would work, but not all. Now, the Wall Street Journal is reporting on the cost for early participants, and it's steep. Apple is currently on a dog-and-pony-show tour, proclaiming the benefits of iAd to potential custo...

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Valve: Coming to the Mac is "biggest event in Steam's history"

The good folks at Joystiq got to sit down and talk with John Cook, the director of Steam at Valve, and he says there's probably no comparison to the news about Steam coming to the Mac -- it is "the biggest event in Steam's history." He says that not only is it big news for the company and its servi...

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Macworld 2010: Telltale Games and their Mac revolution

Well, there you go. After consistent rumors that the whole catalog would be coming over to the Mac, Telltale Games announced at Macworld last week that that's exactly what was going to happen. Starting with the Tales of Monkey Island series (based on the Lucasarts games, where many Telltale develop...

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Activision "selectively expanding" brands onto iPhone

Activision is probably the biggest gaming company going these days, and in their conference call earlier this week, CEO Bobby Kotick briefly mentioned its foray into the world of the iPhone. We've talked a lot in the past about indie developers and how they find their way on to the App Store, but i...

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iPad SDK allows you to take photos and other insights

Turns out a camera in the iPad may have been closer than we thought -- Engadget has been diving into the SDK released yesterday (NDAs be darned, I guess?) and discovered that the ability to "Take Photo" is still hidden in the iPad's code. Of course, the device doesn't actually have a camera, but th...

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GTA tops the list, and other game news

For some reason there's a flood of gaming news coming from the App Store this afternoon. So we've rounded it up for you to take in all in one read: Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars [iTunes link] has reached the top-grossing spot on the store in just two days, which means it's probably taken over...

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Apple updates patent for magic wand remote

Apple has updated a patent that they already held featuring a sort of a Magic Wand -- a remote control for operating a media system by controlling an on-screen cursor. That might sound familiar if you own a Wii -- even the pictures look very similar to the way the Wiimote currently works. And the p...

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