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Tag: platformer

Daily iPhone App: Inertia: Escape Velocity HD

Inertia is a really amazing platformer for the iPhone that uses a mechanic I haven't seen in any game in recent memory. It's a platformer, so you control a little spaceman that can walk left and right and jump from platform to platform. But Intertia adds another button that essentially will kee...

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Trine 2 will be available for Mac on Dec. 7

Puzzle-based action/platformer Trine 2 is coming out this week, and developer Frozenbyte has announced that the Mac version will drop alongside the Windows version on Steam. If you want to get a copy outside of the Steam system, you'll have to wait until sometime next year, but even with the "D...

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Daily iPhone App: GoatUp

GoatUp is a surreal game made by Jeff Minter, the game developer behind Xbox Live's Space Giraffe and a number of other colorful (and often abstract) retro games over the years. GoatUp has you, as a goat, jumping up a series of platforms while eating grass and collecting various items. The game...

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Daily iPhone App: Roboto

Roboto is a solid platformer for iOS that features you controlling a little robot around a series of levels, 30 in all. Gameplay is pretty strictly action/exploration based, very much in the vein of Super Mario Bros., though the robot has a few extra movies that Mario didn't have. Specifically,...

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TUAW's Daily iPhone App: Continuity 2

Continuity 2 is another fun puzzle/platformer that the iPhone has inherited from Flash -- the original title also had you sliding various parts of puzzles around in order to get a little stick figure from one side of the level to the other. But Continuity 2 ups the ante, introducing new mechani...

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TUAW's Daily iPhone App: Blobster

I got to see Blobster in action earlier this year at both GDC and E3, and both times it impressed me with its wacky premise and followthrough. It's a platformer, but unlike any you've ever played before. Instead of jumping around, you're instead flinging a little blob of goo around, pushing him t...

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TUAW's Daily iPhone App: To-Fu: The Trials of Chi

This is a good one. To-Fu: The Trials of Chi is what's probably best described as a physics platformer, where you play, yes, a little piece of tofu. This To-Fu is much spicier than the actual thing, however -- you tap and drag on him to jump around a series of levels, and his jumps always go ba...

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TUAW's Daily iPhone App: Captain America: Sentinel of Liberty

The new Captain America movie is scheduled to hit theaters next week and in advance of the film, Disney and Marvel have released a brand new game based on the superhero himself. And the good news is, it's not bad. Movie tie-ins have a history of mediocrity, but Captain America actually tries ...

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TUAW's Daily iOS App: Piclings

Piclings is an interesting one. It's a platformer, which means you guide a little character named Picazzo around a series of levels, picking up various coins and power-ups. It's cute enough, but the real draw is that Piclings lets you create your own levels by taking a picture with your iPhone'...

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TUAW's Daily App: Land-a Panda

Land-a Panda has been tearing up the App Store charts lately, and for good reason. It's a fun mix of platformer and physics puzzler that has you catapulting a panda through a series of levels in order to try and get him to his beloved mate. There's even a little Cut the Rope influence here....

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Lemmings-like Spirits for iPad out now

Spirits for iPad, which I saw and played back at Indiecade this year, is out now on the App Store. The game is US$4.99, but as a premium iPad experience, it's worth it. The whole thing is extremely relaxing, and the art style is quite well done. If you enjoy Lemmings-style puzzle gameplay where you...

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GDC Online 2010: Moon'd hands-on

On the last day of GDC this week, I heard from developer Anthony LaMantia, who had a new game named Moon'd that he wanted to show me. We met up in the lobby of the Austin Convention Center, and I got to play around for a bit with his game, a platformer with a strange twist. Instead of playing as a ...

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TUAW's Daily App: Pix'n Love Rush

I first heard about Pix'n Love Rush about a month ago from my colleague, JC.Fletcher, who described it as "a short, nervous, ristretto version of a platformer ... a sort of crossover between Mario and WarioWare, with a pinch of Galaxian and a hint of Game & Watch." And now that it's out on the ...

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TUAW's Daily App: Pinch

Pinch is an ingenious little game that I'd almost call a puzzle platformer, except that there aren't any actual platforms in it. Instead of navigating a jumping avatar through a series of gates and switches, you navigate little colored orbs, called Norbs, by dragging them around on the multi-touc...

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Mirror's Edge coming to the iPhone

EA has announced that they're bringing Mirror's Edge, the inventive "first-person jumper" title that intrigued gamers last year, to the iPhone and iPod touch via the App Store. I was disappointed to see that it's not actually just a straight port (it would be interesting to see how the topsy-turv...

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