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Game On: Smartphones pose little threat to gaming as we know it

Gaming is in a transitional period right now. We're approaching the end of a console generation, new handheld systems are attempting to gain a foothold, and smartphone gaming is just starting to put on its big boy pants and doing its best to swing with the big dogs. In short, it's a rather excitin...

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PS3 thriller Beyond: Two Souls lets players use the iPhone as a controller

Drawing casual players into an intense sci-fi storyline on the PlayStation 3 isn't easy, but Beyond: Two Souls developer Quantic Dream thinks it may have found a solution. The upcoming thriller will allow players to use their smartphones and tablets to control the characters, adding a decidedly ...

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YouTube adds AirPlay competitor to iOS app

In another push to compete against AirPlay and the Apple TV, the latest YouTube update for iOS adds the ability to direcly stream video to a TV without AirPlay. This is a feature its Android brother has had since November. You can stream video from the YouTube app to the Xbox, PlayStation 3 o...

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Infinity Blade looks great on a 50" HDTV via iPad 2

The new iPad 2 paired with Apple's Digital AV Adapter is perfect for watching movies with your family, teaching lessons to a classroom or presenting the latest sales figures to a boardroom on an HDTV. TouchGen found it's also an awesome new way to enjoy your favorite iPad games, like Real Racing 2...

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Ask TUAW: MacBook Pro cleaning, Mac maintenance, streaming video and more

Welcome back to another edition of our weekly Q & A column, Ask TUAW. Each week this column will appear with questions and answers. If you have questions for the following week's column, drop them in the comments, and I will do my best to get to them. When asking a question, please include wh...

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Five reasons why Apple TV is still just a hobby

I'm pretty far from being a Luddite, but I've never understood the point of the Apple TV. Even after its update to the newest version, I still don't get why this product exists. Erica posted the reasons she and other members of the TUAW team feel the Apple TV is every bit as revolutionary as any ot...

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Nullriver releases MediaLink for PS3

I know many of you out there are Xbox 360 owners who use Nullriver's Connect360 to stream audio and video from your Macs to your 360. Now Nullriver has stepped up to the plate for PS3 owners as well with MediaLink. It basically has the same functionality as Connect360 allowing you to stream audio an...

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PS3Fanboy has its debut

Is there really life beyond our Macs? Well, I guess I could find something else to occupy my time if pressed...like obsess over the (elusive) Playstation 3. Please welcome PS3 Fanboy to our big, happy Weblogs, Inc. family. Consider the site your one-stop source for all things PS3. There are some gre...

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