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XBMC remote for iPhone

Following the newly updated Remote application from Apple, there's now a new remote application (iTunes Link) that allows you to control your XBMC Media Center with the iPhone. Obviously to use it you'll have to have a computer (or Xbox) running XBMC, which is available in versions for Xbox, Mac, Li...

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Boxee media center for Mac

Boxee is an interesting new media center application for the Mac based on the XBMC. Separate from the OS X branch of XBMC (now called Plex), Boxee focuses on a social networking experience by allowing you to get (and give) recommendations to friends who are also on the service. You can also share y...

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OSXBMC becomes Plex

A while back the team behind the Xbox Media Center on OS X (which we covered a while back) announced that they were forking the Mac version from the main trunk. Now they've decided that the Mac version will be getting a new name: Plex (as in 'cineplex' or 'googleplex'). For those of you haven't trie...

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