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Google Maps Plugin 2.5 for Address Book goes Universal Binary, gets Google Earth integration

The Google Maps Plugin for Address Book has updated to version 2.5, adding Universal Binary super-powers and a slick new feature: Google Earth support (which is handy, since Google Earth just went Universal, too). Also in this new version is a true-blue Apple installer package (no more digging aroun...

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FlickrExport 2 is done, shipping soon

  Fraser Speirs announced on his personal blog today that FlickrExport 2, his fantastic iPhoto plugin for uploading to Flickr, is done and will be shipping soon. Yes, we know that since it isn't available right now, this post becomes a little less useful, but we thought y'all might appreciate h...

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Yojimbo plugin for Quicksilver (or: My heart just skipped a beat)

I need to make more of a habit of rooting around in Quicksilver's plugin pane, as I almost always find stellar new tools each and every time I open it. This time around I stumbled on a Yojimbo plugin for Quicksilver that seems to do a better job of adding items to the Yojimbo database than the bookm...

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Three-pane turns into a plug-in

Well that was quick. First received a widescreen, three-pane face-lift, and now it's been morphed into a plug-in. The author provides two different sets of instructions for installing: drag and dropping into your ~/Library/Mail/Bundles/ directory or using a couple of commands in Terminal. ...

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Concierge Safari plug-in v1.4.7 goes Universal

Concierge is a bookmark assistant plug-in for Safari that offers a multi-function scratchpad, bookmark managing tool and history sorting in a drawer on the side of the browser window. The scatchpad sounds like the most interesting feature, as it allows users to organize URLs, email links, Address Bo...

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FlickrExport 2.0 beta 1

FlickrExport has entered a 2.0 beta phase, ushering in some really, really cool new features including: FlickrExport now supports uploading to existing sets. Uploaded photos can be added to a group pool after upload. FlickrExport now displays a list of your tags used on Flickr which can be ...

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Inquisitor goes web-based

Inquisitor, the Safari and Camino plug-in that brings Spotlight to searching the web, has been ported to a web-based search engine. Upon entering a search into its pleasantly minimal interface, you will be presented with a list of search recommendations and a variety of search engines to focus on, i...

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Google Maps Plug-in 2.4b for Address Book

The Google Maps Plug-in for Address Book is now in a 2.4 beta edition, bringing with it a package installer (PPC only, Intel installer on its way), support for Europe and new localized Google Maps domains, as well as choosing a default country in Google Maps for the plug-in to use. There is a beta e...

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Quicksilver plug-ins for Google Calendar and Gmail

While tinkering in Quicksilver's plug-ins panel this morning I came across two new plug-ins that should fit right in with my new Borg Google-infused daily activities: a Gmail Module and a Google Calendar Module. Both are actions that allow you to type in a string of text, then select either of thes...

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Chax 1.4.1 released

One thing I love about Chax, the vital iChat plug-in, is that its developer has been reliably rolling out a good handful of new features and fixes, even with a .0.x update like this one. New features in 1.4.1 include: Growl notifications for when a user comes online, goes offline, goes idle, goe...

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Google Importer - search Google with Spotlight

Google Importer is a Spotlight plug-in that can add a Google search to the list of results Spotlight returns. It is installed as a System Preferences pane with options to adjust how many results are gathered from Google, whether to show a link to an actual Google results page, and how many seconds ...

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Fill in your Address Book with GoogleFill

In an eerie example of just how much information Google can access and what users can do with it, GoogleFill is a handy plug-in that can fill an Address Book contact's address by using a Google reverse search on their phone number. The latest 1.1 version update brings UniBin goodness along with a s...

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Saft 8.3.0

PimpMySafari noticed that Saft, a vital Safari plug-in, has been updated to version 8.3.0. New and updated features include: New feature: AutoComplete always on New feature: Tab thumbnails (like Shiira’s Tab Expose, not Omniweb style) Improvement: Also restore tab history when undoing c...

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MailTags 1.2.1 available, 1.3 to feature IMAP syncing

Dave Caolo posted about MailTags last August, but in case you're unfamiliar: MailTags is a fantastic plugin for that allows you to both tag your messages and create iCal todos right from within Mail. MailTags' abilities go far beyond simply adding a few keywords though; you can also set pro...

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Freeverse offers free automation plug-ins for Sound Studio 3

Freeverse has announced a free set of automation plug-ins for Sound Studio 3, their fantastic, easy-to-use audio editing application which we've blogged before. Dubbed "Monbots" (short for Monkey Bots), these are but the first three in what Freeverse promises to be a series of handy automa...

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