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Tag: podcasting

Soundboard is a simple but useful sound board

In the video below I quickly run through the basics of Soundboard, from Ambrosia Software (makers of WireTap Studio and Snapz Pro, but they've made Mac apps and games for years). It's just what you'd think: a series of buttons tied to sounds, just like you'd see at a radio station for live broadcast...

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Friday Favorite: The Levelator, friend to podcasters everywhere

We've mentioned it before (via Laurie and Scott's posts back in ought-six) but it's worth a Friday Favorite: if you're looking for a free, cross-platform tool that does one thing to audio and does it very very well, you need to download The Levelator today. The Levelator is offered by The Conversa...

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ProfCast 75% off until January 24

Humble Daisy's ProfCast is a well-respected tool for turning PowerPoint and Keynote slideshows into podcasts, among many other features (including the ability to record live presentations). The software was recently updated to version 2.3.0 and if you haven't been motivated to try it before, it is d...

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Ladies and gentlemen, start your lectures: ProfCast 2.3.0 arrives

Educators and professionals who need to record and podcast lectures often turn to Humble Daisy's ProfCast, a tool for adding enhancements to PowerPoint or Keynote slideshows to create powerful podcasts. ProfCast today received a major update to version 2.3. The original app allows recording of li...

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Record a multi-participant podcast with GarageBand

A few months ago, I started recording a podcast with some friends. At that time, our process was to gather everyone into one Skype call and record the session with WireTap Studio. That worked reasonably well, but there were a few problems. The quality of the end result was dependent on everyone's S...

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BoinxTV 1.0 released today

We had a little teaser for BoinxTV during WWDC this summer. If you missed it, it's a joint project between Boinx Software and The Coding Monkeys, aimed at smaller producers of video (video podcasters, school TV shows, anyone who doesn't have their own production studio ... ), with the goal of impro...

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Take Control of Podcasting on the Mac: 2nd Edition

Take Control Books has just published the second edition of Andy Affleck's popular Take Control of Podcasting on the Mac ebook. Anyone interested in getting started with podcasting or improving the quality of their current podcasts should read this ebook. Take Control of Podcasting on the Mac: Secon...

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Feeder 1.5 kicks some RSS

Feeder 1.5, a venerable champion in the area of RSS and podcast feed creation, editing and publishing just hit the scene with a host of improvements. In addition to an updated interface for Leopard, it improves on editing, video podcasting, enclosure redirects and more. I'm pretty excited about the ...

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RapidWeaver 3.6.2 released

Realmac Software today released v3.6.2 of RapidWeaver, their popular WYSIWYG tool for creating websites, podcasts, blogs and more. Among the new features of this version are: Aperture Support in the iMedia Browser Dynamic PHP Sidebar option for the blog plugin Sidebar is now a fully feat...

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??bercaster, all-in-one podcasting tool receives new features, enhancements

It's been a while since we've written about Übercaster, the all-in-one tool for recording, editing and publishing podcasts, but that doesn't mean its developer, Eberhard Rensch, hasn't been hard at work on it. Through updates over the last couple of months, Übercaster v1.1.5 has gained a t...

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Official Apple Quick Tip of the Week podcast

We here at TUAW have no qualms about our 'unofficialness.' It is what makes us all so cool (we're cool, right? Right?!). Our very own podcast is full of wit, wisdom, and helpful tips that make using a Mac even more pleasant. There is a new podcast in town, though, and this one is very official indee...

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??bercaster ships

We last mentioned Übercaster several months ago, and now the German-made all-in-one podcast producing tool is finally shipping. Übercaster is designed to replace a variety of different applications, allowing you to produce, record, and edit your podcast all in one interface. You're able to...

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Desktopple on sale for $9.95 at MacUpdate

Well shiver me mousies - it's a good thing I haven't quite convinced my wife why I need yet another piece of software, because Desktopple, the powerful desktop hiding and management app from FoggyNoggin Software that I just mentioned, is on sale at MacUpdate for a mere $9.95. That's 41% off its re...

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You've heard of SpaceCamp. You've heard of FatCamp. Now, discover "PodCamp". MSNBC posts about this latest kind of retreat. PodCamp offers BarCamp-style off-site conferences allowing people to learn about how to create video and audio content for sharing over the Internet. Recent sessions have been ...

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GarageBand podcasting tutorials available

Let's say you've made a few podcasts that you're proud of...mostly. There's always room for improvement, right? If you use GarageBand as your main podcasting tool, check out these tutorials at MacProVideo. Tips include using the right EQ settings for your voice, volume management and getting the mos...

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