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Macworld 2009: Xsilva Lightspeed

With the Mac platform reaching 10% market share, there's a lot of interest in more vertical applications. For owners of retail businesses, point-of-sale systems are one area where the Mac is making impressive inroads. While there have been other Mac-based point-of-sale systems, the most impressive i...

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Apple's small business share continues to grow

I seem to be seeing Macs in small business offices with increasing frequency these days. My dentist uses all Macs, as does the wine shop in town, the photo developing shop, the kennel that watches our dog when we're away and the woman who sells craft supplies. Just a few years ago I'd be shocked to ...

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Checkout - point of sale for Mac (beta)

Jasper Hauser and company have been busy, as Disco isn't the only thing pot on their oven. Behold: Checkout, a point of sale app (in beta) for store owners running Mac OS X. Boasting a 15 minute learning curve, Checkout has an impressive lineup of features, like: Interoperability - "export anyt...

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