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Lost iPhone investigation almost done

We could finally be nearing the end of the lost iPhone saga. Way back in April, police launched a probe into the alleged sale of the lost prototype iPhone 4 that was found in a bar near San Jose earlier this year, and CNET is now reporting that the investigation is almost over. Chief Deputy District...

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Lost iPhone warrant withdrawn, Gizmodo agrees to cooperate in investigation

The search warrant against Gizmodo editor Jason Chen has been withdrawn, the EFF reports today. Chen's house was searched a few months ago after the Gawker blog reportedly purchased the lost iPhone 4 prototype, but the San Mateo District Attorney has decided to drop the warrant and return all seiz...

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Apple visited the iPhone 4G's finder before the police did

With all of the chaos going on around the lost iPhone case, everyone has more or less assumed that Apple is behind the police department's actions in searching Gizmodo Editor Jason Chen's house late last week. Of course, no one believes that the sheriff is working for Apple, but most people seem to ...

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Determining civil and criminal liability for the lost iPhone

Editor's Note: One of the advantages of having an attorney on the TUAW team is the opportunity for this sort of deep-dive legal analysis. We asked Lauren to dig into the circumstances and statutes around the case of the mystery iPhone, and she obliged. While Lauren is a real lawyer, she's not you...

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Police launch probe into lost iPhone sale

It sure seemed like this whole "lost iPhone" saga might be over, but maybe things are just getting interesting: CNET is reporting that Silicon Valley police have launched a probe into the sale of the prototype iPhone left at a bar in Redwood City to Apple has reportedly spoken to police...

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New Hampshire man is victim of first recorded iPad theft

Someone has to be first, I suppose. Straight from the police iBlotter in Manchester, NH, the Union Leader reports that a broad-daylight iPad theft was perpetrated in the parking lot of a Best Buy on South Willow Street. Mohamed Aboutaleb of Dover had just bought his new iPad in the store (capacit...

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Speed trap checker Trapster for iPhone updated to 4.0

We've mentioned Trapster once here on the site before, but we haven't really covered it in any depth yet, I believe. It's the official iPhone app [iTunes link] for an online database of speed traps, so that you can get fair warning when the police are checking speeds in a certain part of town. It's ...

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Apple working with NYC cops to find stolen iPhone

Remember Alisa, the subway sweetheart whose iPhone was stolen and then re-surfaced in her email inbox when the knucklehead thief tried to get it replaced? Apparently she sent a note to our favorite iCEO Steve Jobs as a last resort when the standard Apple CSRs were unwilling or unable to help. As Met...

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Apple refuses to return repaired iPhone

In the fight against theft it's nice to know that the authorities are on your side -- even if Apple and AT&T are not. Consumerist reader Alisa is learning the hard way that sometimes procedures are a hassle. Alisa recently had her iPhone stolen and even though the police did some on-site detecti...

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$10,000 worth of iPhones stolen from Lancaster, PA Apple Store

Apple Stores continue to be sizable targets for theft, it seems -- the local paper in Lancaster, PA reports that four young men stole 17 iPhones from the displays at an Apple Store recently, resulting in almost $10,000 worth of losses. The robbery took place during the day; at around 1:30pm, the yo...

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First Look: NMobile for iPhone

If you find yourself running into police speed traps often, then you might want to give a new iPhone app a try. NMobile [iTunes link] allows you to locate speed traps, red light cameras, and radar locations. All of these speed detection devices are mapped out on a Microsoft Live map -- this is one o...

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Dyslexic cops get iPod accommodation

Dyslexic police officers in Liverpool, England will soon be given iPods as training aids. Student police in training classes will use the iPods to view images of road signs and listen to 900+ hours of material from the police force's official training manual. 900+ hours!!?? According to my calculati...

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