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iPhones: 2 per person and no cash, please

All the Leopard news might have made you forget about the iPhone, you know that other thing Apple does. Fret not because the iPhone is back is making headlines again thanks to a new policy in Apple Stores. The NY Times reports that Apple is no longer accepting cash for iPhones; if you want to buy an...

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Insure your iPhone, because AT&T won't

Since I've owned a variety of regular mobile phones and smartphones over the last couple of years, I wasn't surprised to see fine print during the iPhone activation process which warns users that AT&T won't offer their insurance policy on Apple's darling new gadget. I've been on nearly every ...

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On Apple, blogging and policies

For some time now, Apple's hush-hush policy on public communication has been the focus of much debate. The discussion escalated, however, with the debut of the Masked Blogger, an Apple employee blogging under the radar (or directly in the middle of it, depending on your perspective). Today, John Gru...

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