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Tag: politics

British House of Lords will soon allow iPad use during debates

According to The Telegraph, peers in the British House of Lords will soon be able to use iPads and other mobile internet devices during debates. Under previous rules, members of the House of Lords weren't allowed to use any electronic devices, a restriction the Lords Administration and Works Commit...

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Rally to Restore Sanity and/or Fear app now available

MTV Networks has released the official Rally to Restore Sanity and/or Fear app for this Saturday's Jon Stewart rally and Stephen Colbert march. The app features a map of the rally site, Facebook, Twitter, and Foursquare integration, a portal to upload photos to the official rally photostream, news u...

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Steve and the Governator mark transplant bill signing

In a ceremony commemorating California's SB 1395, the world's most well-known liver transplant recipient and the world's only former killer future robot turned politician posed for photos. Jobs and Schwarzenegger were at the Lucile Packard Children's Hospital in Stanford, CA to mark the signing o...

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Take two tablets and call us in the morning

Speaking of thin support & quite amusing -- It's not much to go on with respect to a name, but as suggested by reader Nicholas, we did take a closer look at Apple's invitation copy. "Apple's latest creation," without the spaces, becomes "Appleslatestcreation," which of course does contain the ph...

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Use your iPhone to navigate Inauguration Day

Second Update: You can also use the free SHOUTcast Radio [App Store link] to listen to WTOP for Inauguration Day coverage on your iPhone or iPod touch. The stream works great with EDGE, 3G, and WiFi. (SHOUTcast is published by AOL, the parent company of this blog.) Update: Late word is that the Ust...

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Vote Report helps poll the polls on Election Day

I love this idea -- if there's one thing our voting system here in the US could use, it's a little more transparency, both in how the votes are counted and weighed, and in how the polling itself takes place. And now there's an iPhone app aimed at making sure that on next month's Election Day, we get...

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Official iPhone app for Obama '08 now in App Store

We're officially a nonpartisan bunch here at TUAW (actually, quite partisan, but only for the Mac) but the announcement of an official iPhone application from the Obama campaign is still worthy of mention. Several high-profile iPhone devs & designers were involved in the project, including forme...

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Macs helping behind the scenes at the DNC

Doesn't matter if you're Obamapublican or a McCainocrat. One thing all Americans can agree on is that Macs rule when it comes to live media presentation. The Democratic national convention here in Denver is no exception. TUAW reader-on-the-spot YodaMac sent in these pictures live from the Pepsi Cent...

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Found Footage: Obama reinvents that 1984 iPod commercial

Think you know that famous Ridley Scott 1984 iPod commercial[1]? Think again. Think different. Think politically. A group of anonymous Obama supporters have mashed up footage of Senator (and Prez Candidate) Hillary Rodham Clinton with Apple's iconic iPod ad--even to the point of reshaping the multi-...

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Welcome to Brooklyn -- now turn off that iPod

If a state senator from my home borough has his way, New York City and Buffalo police officers might soon be telling iPod users "Fuggeddaboutit!" if they try to cross the street while listening to music. Sen. Carl Kruger of Brooklyn, in response to two recent pedestrian deaths, has proposed legislat...

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Rumsfeld resignation captioned well by Mac OS X

While TUAW certainly isn't a political blog (though there is an easy argument to be made that politics and technology are fatefully intertwined), you might have heard Donald Rumsfeld, secretary of defense, is stepping down. While I don't want to incite the ever-prevalent political arguments of mass ...

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iPod as a catalyst for DMCA reform?

CNET News has a really interesting perspective piece highlighting the video iPod's potential for being a catalyst for DMCA reform, specifically: the (outlandish) portion that makes it illegal to sell or distribute DVD-ripping software. The idea behind the article is that, until now, these measures o...

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