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Do you want widgets in iOS?

Of all the differences between iOS and its competitors, the lack of widget functionality on Apple's mobile OS is one of the decisions that often polarizes user opinions. If widgets were to be introduced to the iPhone and iPad, it's of course unclear how it would potentially look, but Jay Machalani...

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Has iOS 7.1 broken or fixed your iOS device? TUAW wants to know!

While our blogging and editorial team seems to be having relatively few issues with the recent iOS 7.1 update, we've heard of some other people having major problems. So we'd like to know if things have gotten better or worse for you, and in what ways. Let us know what you've experienced for bett...

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iOS 7.1's new shift key icons are rad

"What's the matter with the shift key icon, honey? It's still Rock & Roll to me" -- Surprisingly not actual lyrics by Billy Joel Today, as 7.1 rolled in, major complainage could be heard echoing through the TUAW back channels. "OMG," the afflicted cried, "The world is at an end -- Apple...

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Poll: Tim Cook promises new product categories

The Wall Street Journal recently interviewed Tim Cook, who revealed "that Apple plans to enter a new category this year." "There will be new categories. We're not ready to talk about it, but we're working on some really great stuff," Mr. Cook said. When asked whether a new product category could m...

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Picking the ugliest Apple desktop computer of all time

I love ugly computers. I love hideous design mentalities from yesteryear, I love seeing how products evolve, but mostly I love seeing a particularly horrid machine and knowing that, at some point, someone thought it was a good idea to try to sell it. Today is the day you help us decide which App...

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Do you really want a thinner iPhone?

The iPhone has always been relatively thin; The thickest any iPhone has ever gotten was the 12.3 mm heft of the iPhone 3G/3Gs. The iPhone 5 is of course much thinner than that, measuring just 7.6 mm in depth. Apple has kind of made it their "thing" to produce new versions of its mobile devices th...

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Poll: What are your Apple shopping plans this Black Friday?

That special time of year is almost upon us where perfectly ordinary and self-respecting people lose their minds for 24 hours and crush anyone who would prevent them from buying a 4 GB USB memory stick for a dollar. I'm of course talking about Black Friday, the shopping free-for-all that makes the...

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Poll: What's been the best OS X in recent years?

OS X Mavericks has gotten off to a good start for Apple, with generally positive reviews and a high adoption rate. Part of this is no doubt due to the fact that it's free. But that doesn't lessen the operating system's great features, like tabbed Finder windows, iBooks and Maps. This got many of ...

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POLL: Did Apple ruin iWork?

Here at TUAW we've been having a lot of internal debate as to whether Apple ruined (or, at the very least, took a step backwards with) the latest iWork for OS X. The latest update saw a completely new UI for Pages, Keynote and Numbers with improved compatibility with iWork for iOS (which also saw ...

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Poll: Is iOS 7 buggy on the iPhone 5s?

Here at TUAW, we have several anecdotal reports that iOS 7 is running extremely flaky on the iPhone 5s. As an iPhone 5s user, I can confirm that I've seen a number of issues on my 5s that I have not been able to reproduce on my fourth-generation iPad running iOS 7. The issues I've had with iOS 7 o...

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Poll: What will be the highlight of today's iPhone event?

The invites are sent, the banners outside Apple's HQ are up and the rumors are flying. In a few short hours we'll soon know exactly what it is Apple is unveiling today. While it's rumored to be an iPhone-centric event, there's still a lot of speculation about what the centerpiece of the show will ...

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Poll: Which retro iMac color would you choose for your iPhone?

With the rumor mill buzz about a plastic-shell iPhone 5C and gold-toned iPhones more frenzied than Wall Street on an average day, there's no way that Apple would merely stick to mundane neon green, eye-searing pink and bling-bling gold for the next iPhone. Now's a good time to evoke happy memories...

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How willing are you to re-purchase apps for iOS 7?

Gedeon Maheux, a graphic designer and co-founder of the Iconfactory, has written an interesting post on his blog about how the introduction of iOS 7 will impact developers and users. There's no doubt the introduction of iOS 7 will be a huge opportunity for developers to get their apps in front ...

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Macworld discovers the most loved (and hated) features of OS X

With WWDC and revamps of iOS and OS X on the horizon, Macworld conducted an interesting survey, asking its readers what they liked and disliked most about Apple's desktop operating system. As Macworld admits, the survey isn't scientific and only polled 5,000 responses, which is a drop in the buc...

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Weekend Poll: Are you switching to T-Mo?

On Friday, T-Mobile finally launched its iPhone line, offering some great deals along the way. Did you hop over and place a request for an iPhone 5? American customers now have more service choices than ever. From Cricket to Straight Talk, Virgin to Sprint, you can now shop plans, devices, and ...

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