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Email client alternatives to Sparrow for the Mac

Sparrow announced late last week that the company had been acquired by Google; that means that the Sparrow email clients have been put into maintenance mode, with no new features expected going forward. Many customers, like me, who enjoyed using the email client are now contemplating the task o...

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Sparrow 1.6 for Mac available with POP support, more

After releasing its mail app for the iPhone, Sparrow is back again with another update of its Mac email client. Version 1.6 adds the highly-anticipated support for Pop accounts, giving you a true unified inbox. There's also a handful of minor tweaks and bug fixes that'll make it easier for you ...

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Sparrow for iPhone will wow with its design, but lacks push notification

After a long wait, Sparrow for iOS made its debut in the App Store on Wednesday. Similar to the desktop version, the iOS mail client promises to provide you with an efficient and pleasant mailing experience, and the app mostly delivers on this promise. Sparrow supports Gmail, iCloud and IMAP, but ...

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Clarification on the iPhone Spotlight email issue

Earlier today, I posted about the ability to find previously deleted emails using the Spotlight search on the iPhone, adding to the already intense swarm of news surrounding this issue. My findings were that, by ensuring your trash folder was emptied and refreshed, the problem appeared to be solved....

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TUAW Exclusive: Nnooo's Pop for iPhone

Pop is a new game coming soon to the iPhone by a company called Nnooo, and TUAW got an exclusive look at the new app before the official announcement of the release later today. As you can see from the video preview above, it's a very simple, very casual game, but nevertheless offers some fun and ...

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Cableyoyo introduces Pop

At Macworld Boston we were bowled over by Cableyoyo, and it seems that they have another trick up their sleeve. What is better than a thin cable management solution? A thin management solution with a suction cup called Pop, of course! The idea is that you would slap this thing on the back of your iP...

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