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Semi Secret publishing Aquaria for iPad

Developer Semi Secret (the folks behind the popular game Canabalt) posted on its blog the company will be publishing Aquaria, a very popular indie game from a few years ago, on the iPad. Aquaria is a really beautiful underwater exploration title, and as you can see by the teaser video released ...

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Swype being ported to jailbroken iPhones

Swype, the gesture-based alternative keyboard setup popular with Android users, is reportedly being ported to jailbroken iPhones via Cydia, according to MobileCrunch. When Swype was first demoed almost three years ago, we theorized it could be used to make typing easier on the iPhone, but Apple...

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Duke Nukem Forever coming to the Mac

Aspyr Media has posted on its blog that it will be bringing the long-awaited Duke Nukem sequel, titled Duke Nukem Forever, to the Mac. Known for its legendary development period, the game finally arrived on PC and consoles recently, and unfortunately, it didn't turn out very well, earning gener...

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New developer tool will port Xbox 360 games to iOS

ExEn is a brand new tool for developers that's designed to bridge the gap between XNA, Silverlight and iOS (and eventually Android). XNA stands for "Xbox New Architecture," and is the general API used by developers to create games for Microsoft's Xbox console, and ExEn purports to take those ga...

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Bungie's Marathon definitely coming to iPad

Bungie has open-sourced its classic first-person shooter Marathon (originally released on the Macintosh), which will pave the way for that rumored port to finally make its way into the world. It looks like developer Daniel Blezek is going to be releasing the game for free, which should take car...

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World of Goo coming to iPad, Gunstar Heroes out now

Here are two good pieces of news for iOS gamers. First up, World of Goo, the practically classic indie game that has you building little structures out of blobs of goo, is headed to the App Store just as soon as Apple approves the app for iPad. The app will feature one-screen multiplayer, with up t...

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WOWKeys integrates keyboard and iPhone dock

A keyboard called WOWKeys is trying to make good use of your little touchscreen-based iPhone when it's just sitting there charging itself up. The keyboard includes an actual iPhone dock, and with a switch on the device, you can go from controlling your computer wirelessly to using the keyboard on t...

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Valve talks gaming on the Mac, says best is yet to come

Valve's Jason Holtman and Doug Lombardi recently sat down with to discuss their big release of Steam on the Mac, and not only do they reiterate that great stat that games released on the Mac see a nice bump in sales, but they say that the best days of Mac gaming are yet to come. T...

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Unofficial Lemmings for iPhone gets C&D

Developer Aaron Ardiri pulled off the crazy feat last week of porting the classic Lemmings game from Palm OS not only to the iPhone, but also to Windows and the Mac ... in just 36 hours. That's 36 hours straight -- he liveblogged the whole process, and did actually pull it off, sending the iPhone...

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Hands-on: League of Legends for the Mac

Defense of the Ancients is one of the most interesting stories in all of gaming -- it was originally a player-created mod for the Warcraft III real-time strategy game, and it completely revamped the RTS game into a RPG/hack-and-slash mashup, where the player controlled a champion character that fou...

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Confirmed: "Not charging" iPad does recharge

When TUAW reader Gregory P. wrote to us yesterday, claiming his "Not charging" iPad was, in fact, charging, I admit I was pretty skeptical. After all, the new iPads have been widely reported to be incompatible with USB hubs and lower-power USB ports. Gregory claimed to have charged up his new iPad ...

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Assassin's Creed II multiplayer, Rayman 2 out now on the iPhone

Two major league games have hit the App Store already this week, one of them for the surprise price of free. Ubisoft has released the multiplayer version of their Assassin's Creed II game on the App Store, and it's available for free for the first 48 hours. The game's a top-down multiplayer game ...

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Rumor: Apple prepping HDMI Macs

The picture above comes from AppleInsider, who are claiming that Apple is about to release a Mac mini with an HDMI port in place of the current DVI connector. And that sound you just heard was hundreds of thousands of mini-based entertainment center owners everywhere crying out in excitement, as a ...

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More rumored Telltale plans for the Mac

We posted a little while back about Telltale possibly bringing its games over to the Mac, and now there's even more rumblings to be interested in. Rumor has it that since most of their games use the same platform, one port is the same as all of them, which means we may see the whole catalog release...

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Telltale Games may be releasing all games for Mac

Telltale Games has been rocking the retro lately, doing great things like bringing Secret of Monkey Island and Sam & Max back in new forms, and releasing new episodic classics like Strong Bad's Cool Game for Attractive People. Now they might be doing so on the Mac: rumor has it that they'll be r...

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