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DevJuice: Provisioning portal redesigned, allows deletion of some App IDs

We've been hearing from various delighted developers this weekend responding to Apple's redesigned provisioning portal. And yes, you can now delete many (not all) App IDs from the portal. The newer the ID, the more likely it seems to be that you'll be able to select it, configure its setti...

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Valve offering original Portal for free until September 20

If you haven't played Portal yet, now is your chance. Valve is offering the Mac and PC versions of the 2007 physics-based puzzle game that took the world by storm for free on Steam until September 20. Valve is giving the game away in honor of its Learn with Portals program. The educational pr...

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Portal 2 out now

Thanks to the hard work of the folks who purchased Valve's Potato Sack promotion, the Portal 2 alternate reality game has finished, and the long-awaited sequel is now available on Steam. The game officially releases tomorrow for consoles and PC, but since the Steam version is compatible with St...

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Crazy summer Steam sale includes some fantastic Mac games

The PC gaming community has long enjoyed the ridiculously awesome Steam sales Valve loves to break out during holidays and at other fun times of the year. The sales deliver game bundles for crazy cheap prices, even on AAA current titles. Steam's summer sale kicked off a couple of days ago. For th...

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The iPad as a new "walled garden" of content

John Battelle's Searchblog has an interesting post up about whether or not the iPad can be categorized as a disappointment. He begins with a mea culpa; while he predicted earlier this year that the iPad would more or less fail, the sales figures from earlier this week have proven him wrong. However,...

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Steam for Mac now live, Portal free, Lucasarts adventures included

The Steam for Mac store is now live, and Mac users can not only download the Steam client, but pick up a number of new-to-Mac games. As I said yesterday, both Portal and Torchlight are available, and both of them are brilliant. In fact, until May 24th, Portal is actually completely free. You have z...

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Steam for Mac, Portal, Torchlight out tomorrow

Tomorrow's the big day: Valve's Steam platform is officially coming to the Mac, and it's bringing two of my favorite games along with it. Portal is the first one -- hopefully if you're a gamer you've already played it, but it was my absolute favorite game of 2007 and one of the best games I've play...

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Steam for Mac: Uses OpenGL, Intel-only, 10.5 or higher

Details have emerged regarding Valve's release of its Steam games platform for the Mac. Forum sleuths at Steam's site have put together a list entitled "What we think/know about Steam for Mac" that gives us some information about the forthcoming release of Steam for OS X. Among the more interesti...

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Gameinformer: Portal 2 confirmed for Mac, Steam on the way for May

Scans from the April 2010 issue of Gameinformer have confirmed that Portal 2, the sequel to Valve's wildly popular and critically acclaimed game Portal, will be released in fall of 2010 for the Xbox 360, PC, and Mac (as reported on MacRumors). No, your eyes do not deceive you: Portal 2 is coming to ...

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Valve teases a Mac release of Half-Life, Portal, Team Fortress 2

Even I was dubious about the rumor the other day of Steam coming to the Mac, but now here's something straight from Valve hinting that it might actually happen. MacRumors got an image of Half-Life's Gordon Freeman via email... with an Apple logo on his chest. MacNN got another picture, this one sho...

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ApolloIM creator interviewed on iPhone development

Chris F was kind enough to send along his long (and dare I say, a little silly-- look at that "cupcake deliciousness growth over time" graph at the bottom) interview with Alex Schafer, creator of what Erica called "the first native IM client for the iPhone," ApolloIM. After a short chat about the ga...

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Enemy Territory: Quake Wars is fighting through enemy territory to get to the Mac

Apple Insider has some shiny new Enemy Territory: Quake Wars screens for your drooling pleasure. I have to say-- the last few Quake games (and I'll include Doom III in that list) haven't really floated my boat much. As good as the graphics look, that old id charm just doesn't seem the same with ga...

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My Dream App Winners Announced!

The votes are in folks, and the winners are Atmosphere, Portal, and Cookbook, with Portal beating out Hijack by only 5 votes. It looked like Hijack had Portal beaten, that is before the filtering of fraudulent votes. Fraudulent votes were defined as more than 50 votes for the same application origin...

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AOL adds movie downloads to video portal

Dedicated services like Vongo and Movielink are already doing the movie download thing, but now AOL, a major player vying for digital distribution market share (and our parent company, by the way) added this most sought-after of services to their video portal. Ranging in price from $9.99-$19.99, a d...

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