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Apple patent suggests charger for multiple devices

A new patent application filed by Apple suggests the company is working on putting together a device that would charge multiple Apple products at the same time, including an iPhone or iPod and a MacBook at the same time. The patent is for a "multi-output power supply" that would hook up a charg...

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XtremeMac InCharge Home USB charger for iOS devices

A couple of weeks ago, we ran a post about the release of the XtremeMac InCharge Home USB charger (US$29.99) for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. Now the device is available in the wild, and one was sent to the sprawling TUAW Labs for hands-on testing. Read on for a detailed look at this ultra-por...

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Adafruit Industries now selling the iNecklace

This is great -- the iNecklace is Adafruit's latest open-sourced, electronic jewelry. It's a pendant shaped like a power button, complete with a pulsing LED inside. It's beautiful, stylish, and a nicely subtle way to proclaim your loyalty to tech in a sleek and cool way. It's all open source, t...

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Energizer travel charger powers your Mac, iPhone, and iPad ... all at once

I often travel with more than a few Apple devices, all of which usually need power at some point during the day, so the idea of this one intrigues me a lot, obviously. Energizer (the bunny people) is releasing a brand new travel charger that, as you can see above, goes industrial on charging yo...

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TUAW's Daily Mac App: UnPlugged

The Magsafe is a fantastic innovation, but it has made it slightly easier to disconnect your Mac from the AC outlet by accident without realising it. UnPlugged is a little free utility that notifies you via Growl when the power cord is disconnected. Now it's true that if you're running a portab...

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Aluratek Mini Surge Dual USB Charging Station: Pocket-sized power package

One of my major gripes while traveling is the lack of available wall sockets in hotels, as I often have two or three devices while my wife brings her iPhone and iPad. To help keep us from fighting over where to plug in our gadgets, Aluratek is now shipping the Mini Surge Dual USB Charging Stati...

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Third Rail zaps iPhone case market with detachable battery pack

For every gadget that claims to charge an iPhone on the go, there's sure to be a constituency that swears by it (or quite possibly at it). With external battery packs from HyperMac, Zagg, Kensington, Newer and Monoprice, you can dangle a cable; with battery-equipped cases from Exogear, Boost an...

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GoDAP amplifies your mobile audio and provides optical output for iPhone 4

Most of the gadgets we're seeing here at CES 2011 this year aren't too big a surprise -- we set up meetings even before we walked into the convention center, and the surprise is in seeing the new gadgets we've only read about before. But the GoDAP was a surprise, found just by walking around the sh...

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Delta Airlines to install gate-area charging stations in 19 U.S. airports

Delta Airlines is helping to make life a bit easier for travelers that hope to top off their batteries before getting onto a plane. Until now, fliers often had to scour the corners of gate areas to find an available outlet to scrounge some spare electrons. Last week, the world's largest airline...

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Patents aplenty: iPhone radio, fiber optic MagSafe, 3D without glasses

Apple's patent team must be cramming before the end of the year, because this past week we've seen a flood of patent applications come out of Cupertino. First up, Apple has patented a radio system in the iPhone (finally!), allowing you to listen to standard FM and AM broadcasts on the smartphone. T...

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HyperMac forced to stop selling MagSafe charging cables

A lawsuit from Apple has forced HyperMac to stop selling MagSafe-compatible charging cables as of November 2nd, 2010. HyperMac has produced a number of small, portable batteries that can provide power to a variety of Apple portable devices. When connected to a MacBook Pro with their MagSafe-like ...

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Apple considering MagSafe charger on iPad

Here's something to get your mind wondering this Monday afternoon. Patently Apple is reporting that Apple may be considering integrating the MagSafe Power Port to its portable products, like the iPad. The continuation patent, published on October 7th 2010 by the US Patent and Trademark Office, c...

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Apple's new battery charger is deceptively cool

Rounding out the list of hardware updates from Apple this morning is a battery charger. Before you dismiss it (as I initially did) as just a battery charger, consider the following. First, Apple is pushing its green aspects. For example, the charger is smart enough to pull less power once the bat...

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hacksugar: Wireless iTunes syncing makes it to jailbroken iPhones

Cables, schmables. Why occupy valuable USB slots when you can make iTunes data fly magically over virtual intertubes to and from your home computer? New to the jailbreak world, Wi-Fi Sync introduces over-the-air sync to iPhone devices. The application works like this: you install a client ap...

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AutoSmiley uses the iSight to turn your face into an emoticon

This one's a little silly but I still really like it -- AutoSmiley is a public domain app that runs in the background while you work, quietly monitoring your iSight's camera input. Whenever it detects a smiling face on the camera (so any time you smile while working), it will send a ":)" emoticon t...

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