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FastMac releases external charger for Mac notebook batteries

FastMac announced a new line of Mac notebook chargers today. FastMac found a work around for Apple not licensing the MagSafe chargers. TruePower U-Charge allows you to charge your notebook's batteries externally. Note that this does not power the Mac, it only charges batteries. This charger will...

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Rig of the Week: PowerBook with USB cooling fan

TUAW reader and Flickr user sninesix posted this snapshot of the USB CPU fan he rigged up to cool his PowerBook. When the original fan died, sninesix found an old fan he had lying around, removed the wires and hacked a USB cable onto it. He then removed laptop's keyboard and positioned the fan just...

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Shawn Blanc interviews Brent Simmons

Brent Simmons, creator of the beloved NetNewsWire RSS app, is a talkative guy. We've chatted with him quite a few times about various Mac issues, and late last week he gave another interview to Shawn Blanc over at his website. The interview is mostly about NetNewsWire-- the inspiration for its...

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Tilt Scream Pong makes you look insane

Want to install a game that makes you look as crazy as the poor woman in the video above? Look no further than Tilt Scream Pong, a game that utilizes both the Sudden Motion Sensor and the built in microphone in your Powerbook, iBook, MacBook or MacBook Pro. The basic game is really a solitaire pong...

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Scrobblepod hooks your iPod up with

I haven't gotten into social music database much, mostly (I'm ashamed to say) because I'm worried about some of my musical guilty pleasures being browsable by the Internet audience at large. Also, because I listen to my music in all kinds of ways, not just simply through iTunes. One of...

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Wicked cool Pismo picture frame

We've seen laptops modded into picture frames before, but this one really caught our attention. Flickr user theducks used parts from two Pismos, some plastic and a bit of creativity to make this photo frame. It has a real cool mod look that we love. The only thing is that theducks is a little...

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Macferno: Cable Modem explodes destroying PowerBook

On November 16, an OnDeckTech 24x7 help desk technician received a call from a distraught PowerBook owner whose laptop had just been destroyed, trying to see if she could recover any of her data. Her 80GB 15-inch PowerBook, her two Maxtor external 300GB drives and her 160GB LaCie Porche drive had...

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Flickr Find: DIY iCurve with Legos

DIYer Extensor posted pics of a self-built iCurve replacement over at flickr. Created to support his (or her, the page doesn't say) 15-inch Powerbook, the do-it-yourself-Curve is made from spare legos and a $7 Container Store wire shelf. The shelf is colorfully made, surprisingly attractive and...

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MacBook Marionette

Most puppets scare me. Horrid little creatures, only coming alive when controlled by some being of perceived omnipotence manipulating every aspect of their pathetic little lives. But enough about my puppet paranoia, and on to this awesome hack. Some cunning (and brave! I'd never swing my notebook...

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Lilt - wave your notebook like you just... want to turn up iTunes

If you're finished with smacking your MacBook to make it do your bidding, maybe you can move on to tilting it and playing with the some mood lighting (in the Pro models) to really get things done? Lilt is a new app that harnesses the power of of Apple's Sudden Motion Sensor (found in PowerBooks,...

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Terminal Tip: Keep your Mac portable from waking when the lid is opened

Although I'm a Mac Geek by trade, I tend to avoid the terminal unless I'm out of other options. I'm a GUI kind of girl. It's the Mac OS that I love, not its Unix underpinnings. I appreciate the power of the command line - I just don't want to spend all day there. Still, once in a while I come across...

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DIY notebook sleeve from corduroys and a sweatshirt

No one with an internet connection is ever allowed to claim that there is a shortage of DIY tutorials and craziness on the internet, and this latest home-grown notebook sleeve from a guy named Sam is no exception. You see, Sam is an accident magnet (hey, his words, not mine), and he recently...

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Ask the readers: PowerBook protection

I'm humble enough to admit when I need some help, and I'm lucky to have an esteemed group of readers such as yourselves comprising my very own hive mind. The issue is this: My trusty PowerBook is getting on a bit in the years, and like all creatures, with age comes imperfection. The telltale signs...

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A Mac on the cover of Playboy

These days you can't turn on a TV, open a magazine or walk down the street without spotting an Apple product or at least an ad for one, and now it seems Apple's expanding popularity has even landed the company on the cover of October's Playboy (Zinio link, semi-safe for work). In the quest to leave...

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Laptop battery replacments starting to arrive

When I contacted Apple about the battery that was in my Powerbook (Yes, I'm one of the lucky 1.8 million people who get a shiny, new battery from Apple), I was told that my replacement would arrive in 4-6 weeks. I thought that was odd, as Apple's turnaround time is usually much better than that, but...

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