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Unlocked iPhone 4S coming in November, won't work with CDMA

If you were planning to preorder an unlocked iPhone 4S today, you're going to have to wait a little while. The unlocked and contract-free version is available starting in November, with no specific date listed on the Apple website. There's another bit of a surprise, although it makes sense: the...

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iPhone 4S pre-orders have begun on Apple's site (Updated)

After an inexplicably long delay, pre-orders for the iPhone 4S have begun on Apple's online store. Orders began as scheduled on both Verizon and Sprint, but AT&T and Apple both experienced significant issues getting the ball rolling. The device won't hit Apple's retail stores until October ...

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Refreshed iPod touch and iPod nano now available at Apple Store

The store is back up. US customers can now place orders for the updated iPod nano and iPod touch and the reduced-priced iPhone 3GS and iPhone 4. Starting at $129 for the iPod nano and $199 for the iPod touch, Apple is reporting that all models of the black iPod touch and the iPod nano are in st...

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iPhone pre-orders slam Verizon Wireless website

After an early start and an easy ordering process, it looks like Verizon's servers have finally succumbed to the throng of Verizon customers trying to pre-order an iPhone 4. The ordering page for the iPhone 4 is not responding, and customers are taking to Twitter with complaints. From the numerou...

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Verizon iPhone now available for pre-order

Once the Apple Store came back up, the biggest change was that iPhone pre-orders are finally available through Apple. Oddly enough, pre-orders were available through Verizon's site about 15 minutes before the supposed "switch throw" time of 3 AM Eastern, and we know of at least one customer who had...

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iPhone Bumpers also selling well

Here's a bit of a surprise. Checking on Apple's iPhone Bumpers, the iPhone 4 cases, we see that shipping is delayed for several colors. While black is listed as being available on June 24th, pink, white, orange and blue list July 2nd as their shipping dates. The green model won't ship until July 16t...

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iPhone 4 sold out from AT&T, UK Apple Store

Update: The post has been edited to clarify that it's AT&T that's blown through its preorder allocation, not the entire universe of iPhone-selling outlets... but that's changing, see below. The white model never appeared, AT&T's backend systems folded like Superman on laundry day and e...

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No more reservations available for iPad launch day

If you were planning on reserving an iPad for pickup at an Apple Store on April 3rd, you're out of luck. Reservations, both in-store and online, ended on Friday. According to TUAW reader Travis, who sent us the tip early Saturday, an Apple sales associate mentioned told him Apple had to shut down...

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Possibly as many as 50,000 iPads pre-ordered in first two hours

The early adopters are out in force today. Based on analysis from Fortune's Apple 2.0 blog & the investors of the AAPL board on Investor Village, it seems that as many as 50,000 iPads were pre-ordered in its first two hours of availability this morning. That's pretty staggering demand, especiall...

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How soon is now? Pre-order timing for iPad confirmed, 5:30 am PT

We've had more than a few inbound requests today, via email and Twitter, asking a slightly obsessive but completely understandable question: When can I pre-order my freakin' iPad? True to form, the simple answer of "March 12th" is not adequate for the real early adopters, and they ask again: Yes,...

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Analysis: U.S. pre-orders for Wi-Fi iPad likely to begin this week

If you're ready to buy that Wi-Fi iPad, then get your credit card out of your wallet and start practicing your fastest clicking and typing techniques. According to a rumor on iPad / iPhone site AppAdvice, a "reliable source" has told them that Apple will begin pre-sales of the Wi-Fi iPad as soon as ...

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Pre-order page on the iTunes Music Store

First Apple gave us one spot to get all those sweet, sweet free videos from the iTunes Music Store. Now, they have collected all the albums (do they still call them albums?) that are available for pre-order in one place. Apple has dubbed this page 'Tommorow's Hits Today,' which is kind of catchy. Ge...

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MacZot and Disco ask you to trust them

MacZot and the guys behind AppZapper are asking all you hard working readers to fork over your cash for a yet-to-be-announced application by the name of Disco. The idea is you get in early at a price way below what the app will eventually cost; and you get access to the private beta. Not much is kno...

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