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iPad 2: Our last second guesses

At TUAW, we love predictions, especially when we have few solid facts to rely on and rumors galore to work with. Here's what we're predicting for today's announcement. As always, we'll revisit our guesses after the fact and score our team for accuracy. Dana Franklin: I expect to see the iPad seq...

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Talkcast tonight, 7 PM PT/10 PM ET: Crystal Ball Edition!

It is time! This week we have plenty to discuss, including the Mac App Store's debut and the white Verizon iPhone confirmation. As such, this calls for a freshly-baked batch of random speculation, so tonight I'll be hosting live from my House Of Crackpot Theories. We might even have a few developers...

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Citibank: Apple could pull in $2 billion in App Store revenues in 2011

Right before the year switched over, Citibank released its "US Internet Stock 2011 Playbook," and in there was an interesting prediction about the App Store. Despite what seems like constantly falling prices and the rise of "freemium" apps, Citibank expects Apple to pull in $2 billion in gross app ...

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TUAW TV Live: The end-of-year panel discussion

The holidays are still here. You're at home, stuck with the relatives for the next few days, and you'd like to do something fun. Why not join a group of TUAW bloggers for an hour of discussion and laughs? Every Wednesday afternoon I host TUAW TV Live, which (as the name implies) is a live one-hour ...

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The cracked crystal ball -- how the TUAW blogger predictions fared

Shortly before the Back to the Mac event on Wednesday, TUAW blogger Michael Grothaus compiled a list of predictions from the rest of the blogging staff. I thought it would be fun to go through the predictions and score our ability to foresee the future, giving each correct prediction a +1 score and ...

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iPads complement primary computers, threaten secondary ones

Here's a bit of news that you might have already figured out for yourself. Your primary computer doesn't need to feel threatened by your iPad. Sure, your Mac (or PC) probably felt a little uneasy when you brought that slim, trim, shiny, and lets not forget - magical - little number into your home, b...

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Analyst: iPad to sell 28m in 2011, impacting PC market

Both All Things D and AppleInsider report that, according to the analyst Maynard Um at UBS Investment research, the iPad is having a negative impact on the PC market. In a note to his clients, the analyst Um says, "Sales of traditional notebooks appear to be feeling pressure from the iPad, causing a...

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TUAWxperts: September event predictions

With the September 2010 Apple media event just days away, here's a quick team round-up of our takes on the likely product introductions. Victor Agreda: I'm betting on an iPod nano with touchscreen (because flicking is the new scrolling), and an iPod touch with a camera and retina screen. As for t...

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Last-minute predictions: Share your WWDC best guesses

The banners are hung by Moscone with care, in hopes that new iPhones will soon be shown there... yes, it's only a few short hours until Steve Jobs takes the stage at WWDC 2010. What will we see, and what will we hear? The revitalization of Apple TV? A ship date for iPhone OS 4? New Mac mini, new ...

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Munster: Apple developing a search engine

The great prognosticator Gene Munster (who spends his days working as an analyst at Piper Jaffray) has another guess at Apple's future for us: a search engine. He says there's a 70% chance that Apple will create its own search engine within the next five years -- right after that HDTV that he predi...

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Post-keynote TUAW prediction scorecard: How did we do?

Yesterday we pooled our predictions together to try and predict what would happen at the iPad presentation today. How did we all do? Sang Tang: Sang was the closest in terms of the iPad's screen size -- 9.6" prediction vs. 9.7" actual size. However, the iPad has neither wireless HDMI nor a fro...

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Apple ten years on

This is a pretty wandering post over at the NZ Herald (it starts out with a screening of Avatar, and drops a few local actor names before getting down to business), but it eventually gets to an interesting premise: what will Apple's hardware look like not in 2010, when we're all breathlessly awaitin...

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Year-end reflections and predictions roundup

All our prognostications, anticipations, best-of lists and year-end reflections -- in one handy place. Our favorite iPhone games of 2009 The first full year of the App Store is coming to a close, and so let's take a look back at our favorite games of 2009. Note that these aren't best-se...

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IDC's crystal ball says Apple tablet, 300,000 App Store apps in 2010

One fun thing about being a tech research firm is that sometimes you can state the obvious and everybody still gets excited. That's what will happen today when technology research company IDC releases their forecast for the next year, and in anticipation of the big news, the New York Times recently ...

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Psystar's predictions... they're a bit off

More and more information is coming out about Psystar and their legal issues with Apple. Some new documents have been leaked with some numbers and predictions from Psystar themselves. According to these documents, the company planned on selling 1.45 million Mac clone computers by 2011. The actua...

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