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Tag: preferences

Quicksilver basics: shake hands with your preferences

Yesterday Quicksilver started acting a little goofy, and I wasn't surprised; I have just about every beta and extra turned on as I just can't stop exploring all the neat stuff this app can do. During my troubleshooting efforts I resorted to the simple trick of quitting Quicksilver and simply moving...

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Spice up iChat with Chax

Chax is one of those addons that makes you go "ahhh, at least someone's listening." This is a powerful, feature-packed and altogther necessary preferences plugin for iChat. The developer's site offers a lengthy list of features this fantastic plugin brings to the table, but for now, here's...

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Location X - automatically adjust settings on the go

If you're an iBook/PowerBook user who is constantly fiddling with various settings depending on where you are, point your mouse towards Location X for the solution to all your preference-changing woes. I only played with this for about 5 minutes before plunking down my $20 for it, as I am already...

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TUAW Tip: Trimming tracks in iTunes

Ever had a song that had blank space at the beginning or end, just enough to annoy you? Sure, those "bonus tracks" on CD's are cute with their 5 minutes of dead air before the last song, but not when your iPod is on shuffle. Luckily, you can trim off the beginning or end of any song in...

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