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Apple event will highlight iPhone OS 3.0

Earlier today, Apple issued a press event announcement that promises to offer a "sneak peek" at iPhone OS 3.0. It'll go down at 10am Pacific on March 17th in Apple's Town Hall building in Cupertino. As usual, the whole thing is rather cryptic. From the "blueprint" graphic and text, it sounds like th...

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Rumor: mini packaging and an Apple event

Update 7:30p: More of our friends around the Mac web are starting to dig out the details on the expected hardware updates tomorrow, and they could be substantial. MacRumors, Hardmac, Engadget are all pointing to the following details: 2 new Mac mini models, with USB and display confi...

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Analysts: Sept. 9 event will underwhelm

Some people are never happy. Others are clairvoyant. Now, they've all come together to complain about a press event that hasn't even taken place. Barron's is reporting a fall in AAPL yesterday on rumors that the Sept. 9 press event will be underwhelming. While new iPods, iTunes and iPod touch prici...

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It's official: Apple press event Sept. 5

We heard a rumor not long ago, and today Engadget confirms the date: Apple will hold a special press event on Sept. 5th. The invitation they received (where's ours, Apple?!?) looks like coverflow as displayed by an iPhone. Hmmm... The invite is as cryptic as always, so I guess it's up to us to provi...

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Video of Apple's press event is online

As usual, Apple have posted the video of today's press event for all to see. Marvel at the new iMac, iLife '08, iWork...and count the number of times Steve says, "Boom!" I know I've been eager to see those apps in action, but the demo videos have been getting slammed all day. Perhaps this will be be...

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Apple press event on August 7th

Rumors abound that Apple will be unleashing a brand new iMac on August 7th, which seems a little odd given that is very close to the beginning of the school year. However, given the existence of these photos of a purported new iMac keyboard and the fact that our sister blog Engadget was just invited...

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Poll results: New Apple products

We asked, you answered. If cost were not an option, which of the rumored Apple products would you be most likely to buy? You can see the results of our informal poll above: the video-streaming Airport Express was a clear winner. The remaining other votes were evenly divided between the other option...

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TUAW Poll: Which new product would you most likely buy?

Ok, folks, it's wild speculation time. The rumors are flying around Apple's upcoming press event. Let's take a detour into fantasy land for just a moment and pretend that all of the supposed goodies come to pass: The new 23 inch iMac, the video-streaming Airport Express and the nanos with iPod mini-...

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TUAW poll results: The big announcement

You have spoken: The event was....meh. Of the 3,200 of you who voted in our highly unscientific poll, the majority of you (41%) felt that the new product announcements were "mediocre." A full 25% of you labeled the event a "huge disappointment," 19% said the stuff is "prett...

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TUAW Poll: Your announcement response

Ok, so we've heard from the TUAW bloggers (both yay and nay), now it's your turn: What did you think of Steve's dog and pony show yesterday? Check back tomorrow for the poll results. Rate Apple's new product announcement Home run ...

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Flickr Find: I Want to Believe

Alternate title: If Agent Mulder were a Mac geek. Sometimes it's necessary to break the wild speculation and rumor mongering with a bit of humor, and jyunderwood's poster does the trick. This is also a good opportunity to address what's inevitably going to happen tomorrow. Legions of Mac users are ...

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Tomorrow's press event: TUAW predictions

With just about 24 hours to go before the press event takes place, we here at TUAW got together in our secret offices in Bates City, Missouri to make our final predictions. Here's what we had to say. C.K.: Most likely: Intel Mac mini MacBook (Intel iBook) Intel Mac mini Media center Med...

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Apple has halted bulk orders of Mac minis

With next week's press event looming, Apple has halted bulk orders of Mac minis, according to FreeMacBlog. Blogger Brian writes: "Well, today we called to place our order for our next big batch of minis and we were told 'We’re not able to take large orders for Mac minis right now,' and th...

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Time to pick apart another blurry image

Ok, folks, here we go again. Another blurry, nondescript photo of a supposed Apple product has made its way to the web (and what a coincidence, just a day after Apple announces a press event). This time, MacDailyNews is playing host. An anonymous tipster writes: "I was only able to snap one qui...

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Last call for contest entries

As of this posting, you've got just over 24 hours to get your entry in for our "Create a Feb. 22 Apple Invite" contest. You may remember the barrage of "invitations" to a fictitious Apple press event (supposedly scheduled for February 22nd) that were making the rounds earlier thi...

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