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Capcom and Sega join Valentine's Day sales on the App Store

Two more big companies have joined the flurry of sales popping up around Valentine's Day next week. Sega has jumped in with prices dropped on plenty of its titles, from US$2.99 down to 99 cents. Capcom has also joined the holiday celebration, bringing Street Fighter IV down to the incredibly low pr...

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Counterfeit version of open source game Lugaru HD being sold on Mac App Store

Another developer is offering Wolfire Game's Lugaru HD title on the Mac App Store for 1/5 of what the official game is selling for. How? As per the terms of the Humble Indie Bundle a while back, Wolfire decided to open source the game, though not its assets or characters, and the other version on t...

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EA breaks records with App Store sales last quarter

While their sales may not add up to all 10 billion apps that the App Store has sold, Electronic Arts is boasting of amazing third quarter sales of its own iOS apps. Joystiq reports that COO John Schappert recently discussed just how well EA apps did during the holiday season. Schappert said, "The da...

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App Store price war continues, prices drop pre-freeze

I don't know what kind of criteria we need to hit to call the official start of an App Store price war, but quite a few companies have taken EA's lead from last week and dropped their app prices down in an attempt to get them on the top app charts before this week's store freeze by Apple. Pocket Ga...

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EA's App Store price war

As we previously reported, EA dropped prices on most of its iOS apps this week, and that sale sent shockwaves through the App Store's holiday season. We've seen tons of awesome new apps hit the store in the past few weeks, but if you look at the Top Paid apps right now, most of them are older EA fa...

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Goldman Sachs resumes Apple coverage, targets AAPL at $430

Investing firm Goldman Sachs has decided to start covering Apple's stock profile, and that news sent the AAPL stock price up to $325.06 this morning, a nice boost from the day before. And that's not all -- not only did Goldman Sachs pull AAPL into its reporting fold, but it was about as bullish as ...

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Golden Axe gets Bluetooth multiplayer, EA titles on sale

Sega sent us a note that Golden Axe for the iPhone has been updated -- the game now offers co-op over Bluetooth, so you and a friend can grab a weapon and get to killing goblins and ogres. And I think the game has finally gotten down to a US 99 cent usual price rather than a special sale, but a buc...

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TUAW's Daily App: mGifts

It's Thanksgiving week, Black Friday is coming up quick, and that means that we're knee deep in gift-shopping season. If you don't quite know what you're getting or where to get it yet, mGifts can probably help. It can't actually recommend gifts for you (we here at TUAW can take care of that part), ...

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Brazilian billionaire wants Apple manufacturing contract

AppleInsider reports that Brazilian billionare Eike Batista, who made his $27 billion fortune in the mining industry, is trying to convince Apple to have its products made in Brazil rather than by Foxconn in Shenzhen, China. He is currently constructing the Port of Acu in southern Brazil -- a $1.6 b...

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Apple's example Mac app prices land around $15-20

Reader Shane did a little zoom and enhance on Apple's promo image for the Mac App Store, and divined some potential prices for Apple's official apps. These same apps are the ones that set the pricing bar on the iPad, and so if these are real (and not just photoshopped in), then they're the first of...

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Analyst: Flash memory makes MacBook Air more profitable than bigger laptops

We already know the MacBook Air is thinner than most laptops, but it turns out that the stack of money it makes Apple isn't. An analyst named Brian Marshall of Gleacher & Co. says that the flash memory in the MacBook Air is one of the big places that Apple makes its money on the machine, report...

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Foxconn parent company raising prices for Apple, others

This is the downside of being Apple -- just as they get prices and costs to where they want them, those same prices and costs tend to go up again. Foxconn's parent company Hon Hai has reported that it will raise its manufacturing prices in China, directly affecting Apple's and other companies' costs...

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Time Warner fights 99 cent rentals, too

NBC isn't the only broadcast company that's fighting Apple on 99 cent iTunes rentals. Apparently Time Warner doesn't want in on the plan, either. That's according to its CEO Jeff Bewkes, who told a conference of media executives in London that Apple is underselling television content by providing ch...

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Final Fantasy I and II on sale, ESPN app free, Real Racing on sale this weekend

Here's some good news about a few popular apps on the App Store: Square Enix has dropped the price on retro titles Final Fantasy I and II. The games were originally released at US$8.99, but to celebrate more widespread localization, the apps have dropped down to $3.99. Great games, nice price. ...

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Capcom's titles go on sale for 99 cents

Good news everyone! Capcom's putting some of its iPhone titles on sale this weekend, so head on over to the App Store to pick up Resident Evil 4, 1942: First Strike, Mega Man II, Dark Void Zero, or a few of Capcom's other licensed games for just a penny short of a buck. Not all of the titles are on...

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