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When to get the best deals on Apple products

Our buddies at Dealnews sent a link yesterday to a fascinating post written by blogger Louis Ramirez. Over the past three years, they've been collecting pricing data from Apple and other retailers, and now Dealnews has come up with some guidelines on how long to wait after the introduction of a...

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$99 iPad app dinged by Wired, drops price 90% for the day

We love a good App Store pricing story, and this one has a happy ending (mostly). Yesterday Wired picked up the scent of Autriv's SignMyPad Pro, which has a rather breathtaking price tag of $99. Since the non-pro version of the PDF-signing app -- which shares almost all its features -- is only $4...

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App Store international pricing changes afoot

Prices in several international App Stores are fluctuating today, as MacStories predicted earlier. Prices have fallen in the Australian App Store; Angry Birds used to cost AU$1.29, but it now goes for $0.99. Strangely, despite the recent weakening of the US dollar, prices seem to have increased...

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Colorware now painting iPad 2s

Our friends at Engadget report that the fine folks at ColorWare are now ready to color your iPad 2 however you'd like. ColorWare's skinning process is super-high quality, and you can basically customize your iPad 2 however you want: coloring the Apple logo, back panel, or even front home button...

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iPad 2 launches internationally tomorrow, we check the prices

Despite frantic rumors to the contrary over the past two weeks, the iPad 2 will be launching tomorrow (March 25) in 25 other countries around the world. From the European continent to Australia, the UK to New Zealand. If you happen to be from the future and today is already March 25, the online...

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iPad 2 international pricing in a handy chart

Italian blog has published a chart comparing pricing between the USA and 18 of 25 countries involved in the March 25 iPad 2 launch. Each country's price listings take into account local taxes, with a 9.2 percent sales tax for the USA included for reference. All prices are expressed in...

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13 reasons why software is not free

When Steve Jobs announced the App Store, he made it clear that Apple would be happy to take on the costs of hosting and distributing free apps. I remember thinking at the time that he actually seemed to be pushing the idea of free apps. Free apps helped launch the iOS App Store into having stratosph...

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Mac App Store by the numbers -- almost 1,000 apps on Day One

Today's launch of the Mac App Store will doubtless be feeding analyst speculation for some time to come. Developers who choose to work within it gain exposure; users who use it gain frictionless purchasing ability, unobtrusive DRM (perhaps too unobtrusive), and slick updating. However, there are co...

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Mac App Store: some of those apps are expensive

With at least one application on the front page of Mac App Store priced at $59.99 and others in the $20 range, it looks like Mac developers are trying to avoid the iOS App Store race to the bottom syndrome. A quick survey of applications shows that Mac App Store publishers with low-priced iOS offeri...

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Why is the Apple TV so expensive in Europe?

There are lots of disgruntled people in the UK this evening, following Apple's announcement that the new Apple TV, retailing for $99 in the US, will cost... £99. If you subtract our sales tax (which is always quoted upfront, unlike in the US) that's the equivalent of $128, a rather excessiv...

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iPort: Wall-mounted home automation for iPad

I have already seen the iPad used in home automation -- Savant is using an iPad app to hook up to some of their home automation systems, using Apple's tablet to control the TV, a whole entertainment system, or even do some remote control of house lights or HVAC, or even monitor cameras remotely wit...

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Apple patents on-phone shopping list, e-checkout

Apple has patented the idea of using a mobile device "to acquire pricing information for a shopping list of products," which basically sounds like an official version of SnapTell Explorer -- point the camera at something and then get a list of available prices for it. But this patent goes a step bey...

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Average iPad app price is $1 more than iPhone apps

Here's some more interesting stats about app pricing. We've heard pricing average stats before, including that the average app price seems to be hovering right around three dollars. But a firm in the Netherlands has done some more research into current iPad and iPhone app prices, and discovered that...

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Hands-on with PressOK Entertainment: Finger Physics, Fantasy Date, Spin it

While in Seattle this past weekend, I got a chance to sit down with developer Alex Koloskov of PressOK Entertainment. As a company, they've been through a few mergers, but Koloskov and his team have been working on mobile apps for years, and iPhone apps since the early days of the App Store. Their ...

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Voices that Matter iPhone: App Store prices

Here's just a quick shot from Jeffrey Hughes' lunchtime presentation on marketing iPhone apps here at this weekend's Voices that Matter iPhone developers' conference here in Seattle. Because the presentation ran a little long, he had to hurry through his planned section on pricing, but he did share...

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