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Irish Prime Minister visits Apple's European headquarters

One week after Apple announced it would create another 500 jobs at its European headquarters in Cork, Ireland, the employees there got a visit from none other than Ireland's Prime Minister Enda Kenny. The visit happened yesterday, reports MacWorld UK, and during that time Kenny was snapped chat...

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How Steve Jobs missed knighthood in 2009

Apple CEO Steve Jobs has received a number of accolades over the years, but now The Telegraph is reporting that he missed out on an honor that Bill Gates received way back in 2005 -- an honorary knighthood. Jobs was apparently nominated for an honorary knighthood in 2009 by a senior Labour Party...

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Norwegian Prime Minister gets his hands on an iPad

While Apple has pushed the international launch of the iPad back by a month, from its original late April launch date to late May, it hasn't stopped some overseas customers from getting their hands on one. For example, Don McAllister, host of the resourceful ScreenCastOnline, picked up a couple of ...

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