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Will we pay more for magazines on the iPad?

Business Insider has a post up from AdAge about magazine pricing on the iPad, and they've got bad news for anyone planning to transfer all of their magazine subscriptions to Apple's magical device: It'll cost ya. While a year's worth of Popular Mechanics goes for $12 from the publication's website (...

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Today's two-second laugh: iPad printing, solved

Take one iPad with any application running (and a clear-as-day multitouch screen), add one multi-function printer with an optical scanner, and boom, you've solved the problem of printing from iPad. Who needs a firmware update when you've got a little ingenuity? Points to the clever folk at For...

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iPhone OS 4 set to bring printing to iPad, iPhone?

Support notes for iPad's Pages, Keynote, and Numbers apps all suggest that printing functionality may be coming to the device. The notes state that "printing directly from iPad is not currently available." It's the use of the word "currently" that has got people buzzing. If these words do suggest th...

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iPad hands-on: Not a full desktop replacement, but the keyboard works

For all of the back and forth about the iPad over the last week, only a handful of people (including Stephen Colbert) have gotten to actually touch one. Fox News, of all the outlets out there, posted a pretty clean and objective hands-on with the iPad earlier this week, and you can get a pretty good...

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HP experts to provide real-time support for Snow Leopard users on 9/9

Have you upgraded to Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard and found that your HP printer or All-in-one is having issues? HP announced today that experts from the company will be providing real-time support on September 9th to help you out. From 8 AM to 5 PM PDT on September 9th, 2009, HP's Mac-connect team...

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Mac 101: Get a PC printer running on a Mac. There's a driver for that!

More Mac 101, tips and tricks for new Mac users. While this tip may be old news to tech-savvy folk, I think it might help a lot of recent Mac switchers who want to leverage their existing investment in their Windows-compatible peripherals. I have a friend who has been on Windows forever. He finally...

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Ask TUAW: Preventing automounting, Exchange support, printing selections, and more

For this edition of Ask TUAW we've got questions about preventing an external partition from automounting, printing text selections, getting email from an Exchange server, syncing the Address Book with Google contacts, and more. As always, your suggestions are welcome. Questions for next week sho...

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Better printing with Gutenprint

Gutenprint (formerly called Gimp-Print) is an open-source package of improved printer drivers and utilities that can be installed on Mac OS X to enhance printing functionality and add additional support for older printers. It has driver support for over 1300 printer models, and adds a GIMP plugin fo...

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iPhone 101: Uploading your Pictures to Flickr and printing sites

Uploading pictures from your iPhone to Flickr couldn't be easier. Many photo hosting and printing sites now allow you to upload pictures by email. (Of coure check with your host or printing service to see if they offer this option.) For Flickr, visit flickr.com/account/uploadbyemail. They'll assign ...

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Network Magic: Simplify Mac and PC networking

The Mac and PC networking challenge is legendary. If you have both on a home or work network, it can be an adventure to get these two machines to see each other, share files or printers. Fortunately, Pure Networks has an app for both Mac and PC called Network Magic which hopes to change all that, ...

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Faster printing through Quicksilver or a simple drag and drop

At TUAW HQ we absolutely love Quicksilver, the powerful, incredibly extensible and indispensable productivity tool, as it's capable of speeding up just about any conceivable operation on your Mac. Still, with everything Quicksilver is capable of, I honestly never thought it could be used to help ...

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Enable drag-and-drop desktop printing

Since I don't actually own a printer, I find it ironic that I'm posting a tip about printing more efficiently on a Mac. Regardless, this is a handy little tip right out of Apple's Pro site for all you chronic printers out there: if you print a lot of documents throughout the day without necessarily ...

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