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Apple leads the charge on transparency while Verizon, Sprint, and Comcast lag behind

"NSA" is the hot topic on the tip of everyone's tongue these days, so it's become increasingly important for the big names in tech to have a clear disclosure policy on government requests for user account information. On January 27th, the U.S. Justice Department decided that tech's big dogs could...

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Catchr keeps an eye on your iPhone when you can't

Have you ever left your iPhone on a countertop or coffee table and wondered if a curious friend or family member did any snooping? Catchr is an app designed to answer that question by tracking all the app activity that happens on your device. Once you tell Catchr to begin its monitoring, the app...

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iOS 7 bug lets you turn off Find My iPhone without authorization

Find My iPhone is often the best tool for finding a stolen device, especially since the phone prompts a user for their password before allowing the feature to be turned off. But now, a bug found in iOS 7.0.4 by Bradley Williams seems to allow anyone with the phone in their possession to bypass...

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How to control which iOS apps have access to your personal data

Ever wonder which apps have access to your contacts or your calendar? Or maybe you tapped the incorrect button when an app asked for permission to access your photos or microphone? Don't stress too much as you can easily change the privacy settings for your data on an app-by-app basis. Accessing...

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Starbucks' iOS app stores user credentials in plain text

Coffee and identity theft go together like peas and carrots. I guess that's why Starbucks decided that storing usernames, email addresses and passwords without encryption is fine for its iOS app. Discovered by security sleuth Daniel Wood, the blatant security flaw was found through Crashlytics, a...

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Google's latest idea for Gmail will give you plenty of reasons to switch to iCloud

Once upon a time the informal motto of Google was "don't be evil." Now the motto seems to be "maybe sometimes evil is ok." The Verge revealed Google's latest "innovation" today, the ability to email a user's Gmail account, even if you don't have their email address. The new Gmail setting allows...

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Apple, others call for government surveillance reform

Apple, along with AOL, Facebook, Google, LinkedIn, Microsoft, Twitter and Yahoo have published an open letter calling for US government surveillance reform. The letter is addressed to President Barack Obama and the US Congress and comes in response to the NSA's PRISM surveillance program that came...

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Target accidentally sells demo iPad unit, new owner freaks out

I'm not going to beat around the bush with this one; what we have here is an overblown story about a non-story, with a bit of overreaction mixed in for good measure. This is what happened: Target sold an iPad Air that was meant to be a demo unit to a Canadian woman on Black Friday. She opened it...

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Google agrees to $17 million settlement in Safari privacy case

It's sometimes easy to forget, what with all of Google's various ventures and services, that the search giant's impressive revenue stream comes almost entirely from advertising revenue. To that end, Google has an extremely strong interest in keeping tabs on what users are up to online so that they...

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The 'warrant canary' in Apple's compliance report

There was an interesting nugget we glanced over regarding Apple's report detailing its compliance with various government information requests. In the Notes section of the report, located at the very bottom, Apple writes: Apple has never received an order under Section 215 of the USA Patriot Act....

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Apple issues report detailing Government Information Requests

Apple today posted a report outlining the number of requests it has received from Government entities seeking information about individual users and/or specific devices. The report reflects all of the information Apple is legally allowed to divulge while specifically noting that they will continue...

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Each individual Touch ID sensor will only work on one phone

When Apple first revealed the Touch ID fingerprint sensor, it was accompanied by a long and detailed explanation of how and where your fingerprint data is stored on the device -- in a special area on the iPhone 5s' A7 chip. But as iMore has discovered, locking your print details away in a dark...

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LinkedIn's 'Intro' offers major security risks for minor benefits

LinkedIn's new "Intro" is not only the worst idea I've heard in quite a while; it's a bad idea with almost no upside. Here's what you should know about Intro before you even think about using it. Where did Intro come from? Quoting from LinkedIn's "Pledge of Privacy" page (say that ten times...

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Snapchat has given certain user messages to law enforcement agencies

Snapchat originally rose to popularity thanks to the false sense of security its timed photos provided. It wasn't long before intrepid code monkeys discovered that the app was actually storing photos it claimed to have deleted. That rather blatant oversight has since been corrected, but today the...

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Oh look, another "easy" way to spoof Touch ID on the iPhone 5s

I'll be honest: I'm getting kind of tired of seeing words like "easy" and "simple" being used to describe the ridiculous how-to videos showing that it's possible to trick the Touch ID sensor on the iPhone 5s into believing you're someone you're not. The latest in what is sure to be a never-ending...

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