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Apple announces Mac Pro - shipping today

"The fastest, most configurable Mac ever" indeed. Today at WWDC 2006 (check out our coverage and the chatcast) Apple introduced the Mac Pro, and it might as well come with a pair of hot pads with all-new features like this: Two 2.66GHz Dual-Core Intel Xeon "Woodcrest" processors 4MB shared L...

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Editorial: Behind the MacBook "Hack"

The web has been on fire the past few days with news of a presentation given at the BlackHat computer security conference featuring the compromising a MacBook Pro by executing very low-level code on the drivers of a wireless card. Whether or not the exploit presented actually counts as hacking of a...

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Cook breakfast with your MacBook (just kidding)

[11/09/2011: Source link removed, as the site is no longer online.] Everyone knows that Apple's Intel powered portable lineup gets hot, but this is insane! An enterprising fellow figured out that it would be possible to actually fry an egg on the bottom of his black MacBook. Granted, it probably...

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Apple quietly responds to whining (of MacBook Pros)

Rickard Almqvist at MacInTouch is reporting that Apple has apparently (and finally) produced a tweaked version of the MacBook Pro logic board in response to everyone's whining - MacBook Pro whining, that is. Rickard received a letter from Apple detailing the new board and stating that it was brand ...

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10.4.7 enables two finger right-click on 15" MacBook Pros

Many commenters on our Mac OS X 10.4.7 Update post have noticed that two finger right-clicking has been enabled on 15" MacBook Pros. It seems to work just fine on mine, and this update should evoke a sigh of relief to all those using the trackpad hack we blogged to accomplish the same thing since th...

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Automator Action Packs galore

In my newsreader today I saw an 'iPhoto Action Pack' from Automator World that adds a handy action for workflows involving iPhoto: "Find iPhoto Item Path". While debating whether that was TUAW-worthy, my newsreader became bombarded with more headlines like System Action Pack, TextEdit Action Pack, P...

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VersionTracker offers DivX Pro license with subscription purchase

VersionTracker has announced a new bundle offer included with purchases of VersionTracker Pro subscriptions. For the first 350 who purchase, renew or extend a VersionTracker Pro subscription, they will receive a free license to the new DivX Pro (a $19.99 value), which we blogged last month. DivX, a...

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VisualHub - The universal video converter

VisualHub is a feature-packed and 'universal' video converter for Mac OS X from the maker of iSquint. From its website: "VisualHub bridges the gap between numerous complicated video formatting standards, and people that just want to get the job done - just what you would expect from the Mac." It bo...

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Support doc: MacBook may run warm because rear vent is blocked

First Engadget reported it, and now there's an official Apple Support document explaining the issue: some MacBooks (and Pros) are apparently making it out of the factory with a thin piece of clear plastic blocking covering the rear vent. The article states the obvious: that this plastic is used to ...

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Apple posts 'Mac at Work' site

So much for those "Apple isn't interested in the science/business/pro sector" theories. Behold, Mac at Work, a new promotional site from Apple with information, case studies, online seminars and real world event listings for just about every interest and sector besides consumers. Just look at the fi...

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Apple's New "Pro" Site

Before I became a wage slave, I supported many hundreds of Macs used by a wide variety of professionals in New York City. There's simply no question that most artistic professionals use the Macintosh platform for their creative endeavors--film makers, musicians, graphic designers, newspapers, magazi...

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Widget Watch: iStat pro and nano updated

Two of my favorite system monitor widgets have been updated: iStat pro 2.3 and iStat nano 1.5. The main new additions are drive filtering, as in: CDs, DVDs and .DMGs will no longer appear in the drive list, and support has been included for MacBook Pro batteries. Unfortunately, it looks like the tem...

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PSA: read your MacBook user manual

Given all the recent MacBook Pro drama of late, what with overheating issues and all, it might be a good idea to peruse your MacBook/MacBookPro owner's manual one of these days to make sure you've covered the basics, even if most of Apple's care recommendations are obvious these days. Gearlog found ...

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Has the 12" PowerBook simply disappeared?

It appears as though Apple has completed their portable lineup's transition to Intel chips - and the 12" PowerBook was the clear odd-man-out (sure, the 14" iBook disappeared too, but everyone knew it had to). I noticed last night that simply redirects to, with ...

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If MacBook Pros are ready, why aren't the Pro apps?

In Victor's post about sitting in on a TWiT recording, he mentions a 10 year old kid who asked the TWiT gang a blatantly obvious question most of us have so far missed: if the MacBook Pro books are truly ready, where are the pro apps? Quark has a beta available - for all three of their customers. Wh...

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