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Rumor: Intel's Core i5 to show up in MacBook Pros this month

Spanish website faq-mac.com had an interesting tidbit this morning. As seen in the screenshot from the site, an Intel Retail Edge program email showed a giveaway for a MacBook Pro. While that's not unusual -- a MacBook Pro makes a great prize for any contest -- the email showed that the MacBook Pro...

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Intel uses iTunes for benchmarking

Here's a bit of interesting for you from the folks over at APC: during a press event at CES 2010, Intel used iTunes to tout its latest processors rather than one of the other oft-used performance-testing suites. Specifically, they showed off an i5 processor not by running some complex graphics simul...

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iMac benchmarks and review say it's a beast

People have had their chances to put their grubby hands on those "incredible" iMacs that got released a few weeks ago, and the results are in. And they're great, apparently. First up, MacRumors has a collection of a few sets of benchmarks on the new machines, and the Core i7 processor (a $200 upgra...

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What exact processor is inside the new iPod touch? TUAW digs deeper

Sure, the biggest mystery around the new iPod touch is the omission of the heavily-rumored camera, like the one found on the new iPod nano. However, there is some speculation and wondering in what is actually at the heart of the new iPod touch. As you may know, all devices that run iPhone OS are ...

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Apple will design its own tablet Mac chips

Rumors have been crisscrossing the Internet about actions by Apple that point tellingly to the advent of an Apple tablet, or some kind of outsize iPod touch. VentureBeat is speculating that Apple may use chips they have developed themselves in the imminent $800 tablet computer. Following some of th...

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Got a G4 or G5? iPhoto '09 will be missing features

As Apple continues a march toward all Intel-based computers, those hanging on to perfectly good G5 and G4 computers are left to watch features slowly bleed off. In the recently released iLife '09 package, iPhoto has left some owners of older Macs wondering where their slide show transitions have go...

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Apple applies for trademark on the "Grand Central" Snow Leopard feature

When Apple announced Snow Leopard, they also detailed a new developer service that can be used to full take advantage of the dual cores in newer Intel Macs. The Apple website tells us the following about GrandCentral: Grand Central takes full advantage [of the processor cores] by making all of Mac ...

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TouchArcade: Second-generation iPod touch faster than iPhone

TouchArcade interviewed Handheld Games Corp's Thomas Fessler, who noted an interesting bit of the company's research: Second-generation iPod touch devices are significantly faster than their predecessors when it comes to 3D rendering. In fact, it's faster than both iPhone models as well. In its test...

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PA Semi team creating new ARM-based iPhone CPU

Apple Senior Manager Wei-han Lien let slip that teams acquired with the purchase of PA Semi are working on an ARM-based processor for the iPhone, and possibly other devices, according to The New York Times. While not a huge surprise, as Steve himself said that's what the former PA Semi staff was wor...

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Rumor: Intel preparing 3.2 GHz quad-core processors

Speaking of Intel, The Register is reporting that the chipmaker is preparing three, next-generation processors based on its "Nehalem" architecture, with the fastest topping out at 3.2 GHz. Each processor has four cores with eight processing threads. The chip architecture, codenamed "Bloomfield," i...

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Engadget upgrades a Sawtooth G4

The folks at Engadget have posted an exhaustively thorough article on an upgrade they performed on a 400mhz Powermac G4. Specifically, they replaced the stock processor with a PowerLogix PowerForce47 G4/2.0GHz, with 512K 1:1 L2 Cache per processor. In the process, they came up with more comprehensiv...

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