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Omni Group confirms OmniFocus, a GTD app in the works

The Omni Group has hinted at new products and teased us with a handy tool and toy. While 3rd party solutions have existed to turn their OmniOutliner Pro into a mean, lean Getting Things Done machine, the Omni Group has finally spilled the quintessential bean in a recent blog post and confirmed that...

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Scobleizer wasn't wrong about products at WWDC; this just wasn't the right time

Some are upset at The Scobleizer, as his predictions of a 'dizzying' amount of post-WWDC Apple products and wish for an Apple Store sleepover didn't exactly come true. Scoble even went so far as to apologize on his blog Tuesday, offering a theory as to why our credit cards aren't getting maxed on a ...

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Scobleizer hints at "dizzying amount" of new Apple products

As I write this, I'm still contemplating the implications of getting Apple tips from a former Microsoft evangelizer's blog, but check this out as I philosophize for the afternoon: The Scobleizer (yea, the one and only), dropped a huge (yet unfortunately vague) hint of what Apple has up their sleeve:...

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Survey: What was your first Apple product?

From everything we've heard, Apple had quite the strong holiday season, with lucky new Mac and iPod owners across the world. Top that off with snowballing buzz surrounding their (hopefully) imminent switch to Intel chips, and we thought it would be a good time to check in with our readers and ask: w...

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