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Chinese MacBook component factory still shut down

Apple deals with a variety of component suppliers in the Asia Pacific region. Usually, the production process is uneventful, but sometimes the company has to do some fancy juggling to keep its product inventory in balance. Most of the time, customers don't see these behind-the-scene changes, be...

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Brazilian iPad production may be more costly than expected

A Reuters story in the New York Times yesterday noted that iPad producer Foxconn's plans to move iPad production to Brazil may be slowed by higher than expected production costs in the South American country. Brazil had touted the fact that they had lured Foxconn to the city of Jundiai to bui...

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Wall Street Journal suggests higher-resolution iPad next year

Apple is prepping its Asian suppliers to begin production of the next generation iPad in October, according to the Wall Street Journal. The Cupertino company has placed orders for about 1.5 million iPad 3 tablets. Apple is targeting a launch in early 2012 which fits in perfectly with the compan...

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iPad display quality issues reportedly prompt Apple to cut LG supplies

According to Digitimes, LG is struggling to supply Apple with much-needed 9.7-inch panels for its iPad 2 tablet. The Korean company failed to meet its production goal by one millon units in July due to quality concern issues. As early as May, rumors suggested LG panels suffered from a light lea...

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iPad 2 shipping time hits 24 hours for the first time

For the first time since the iPad 2 began selling on March 11, 2011, the shipping time for the iconic tablet is 24 hours. That's right -- you can order an iPad 2 right now with the assurance that it be shipped from the factory within one day. It will take a few days longer for it to actually ar...

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Apple allegedly approves Pegatron for iPad 3 production, but is not replacing Foxconn

According to Taiwan Economic News, Taiwan-based Pegatron has outbid Foxconn for production of Apple's next-gen iPad (or "iPad 3" until/unless Steve Jobs gives it a better name). While other news outlets such as BGR are reporting this as an exclusive contract (meaning Foxconn would no longer pro...

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Adobe's new "switcher" campaign targets frustrated Final Cut Pro users with 50% off

Adobe didn't waste anytime trying to capitalize on customer dissatisfaction with Apple's new Final Cut Pro X. Professional users are unhappy with the lack of Pro features like multiple camera support in the latest version of Apple's video editing software. In response, Adobe has kicked off a ...

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Apple discontinues Final Cut Express, reportedly ends Server too

Now that some Tuesday's Final Cut Pro X is available, additional details about Apple's pro video edition solution are available. Engadget has confirmed with Apple that there won't be a boxed (studio suite) version of Final Cut Pro X. Instead, it will only be available for download through the M...

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Final Cut Pro X launches, $299 in the Mac App Store

Apple's professional video editing/production flagship app has been rebuilt from the ground up and repriced for the Mac App Store. Final Cut Pro X is now available for $299.99 via the store, and the accompanying Motion and Compressor apps are $49.99 each. This pricing represents a dramatic drop...

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iPad 2 panel shipments could break 10.5m this summer

This summer Apple iPad shipments may reach 10.5 million according to a report from Digitimes. Apple has reportedly tapped Chimei Innolux to boost their supply of panels for the iPad 2. CMI is is expected to produce up to 500,000 panels in June and may ramp up production to over one million in J...

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Labor, materials shortages could affect iPad, iPhone shipments

A rumor from Digitimes suggests Foxconn may not be able to fulfill Apple's upcoming orders for the iPad 2 and the iPhone 4. Sources from upstream component makers claim the Chinese company is facing a shortage of both labor and materials at its plant in Chengdu, China. This facility is one of seve...

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Rumor: Apple lowering CDMA iPhone 4 orders, even though survey says Apple is #3 US smartphone vendor

It appears that after robust sales in the first few months of the iPhone 4's life on the Verizon network, demand might be slowing down for the CDMA device. That's despite new NPD data showing a major impact from the Verizon iPhone, including a hit to Sprint's results. In a report discussing f...

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iPad 2 coming to RadioShack March 29 (confirmed)

The next time you're in RadioShack buying another radio-controlled monster truck to trick out with a Wi-Fi webcam and spy on your neighbors, you might want to keep your eyes open for something a bit more expensive -- an iPad 2. MacRumors is reporting that despite widespread sellouts of the sh...

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Analysis: 100 million iPhone 5s could be sold

It's no secret that Apple's iPhone is a runaway hit. But if past history can determine future success, you ain't seen nothin' yet. The word comes down from Asymco analyst Horace Didieu. In a whimsically-named report titled "Predicting iPhone Sales for Dummies," Didieu looked at sales data fro...

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"Notable" slowdown at Foxconn manufacturing concerns Apple (Updated)

A slowdown in Foxconn's manufacturing may have a negative impact on the future supply of Apple products. According to Alex Guana of JMP Securities, "Hon Hai's (Foxconn) growth decelerated from 84% (year over year) in the month of December to 37% in January and then again to 26% in February." Th...

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