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Tag: productivity

Peek is a very pretty calendar for iPhone

If Peek Calendar by Square Mountains (US$1.99) were a camera it'd be a Holga. If it were jeans they'd be raw and if the app were a beer, you'd find a blue ribbon on the label. Peek is so hipster it hurts. But we're taking about a calendar, not jeans or beer. Calendars are the workhorses of the...

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You'll be surprised by how naturally Evernote wants you to search

Products like Evernote provide an invaluable resource for collecting notes, letters, recipes and every other form of important random information we want to keep track of. But search has always been a formal affair, requiring you to know what you're looking for if you want optimal results. This is...

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Evernote adds a wealth of customization features with new iOS app update

Evernote is a powerful tool for keeping track of ideas and to-do-lists, but for years it's lacked any substantial customization options. That weakness has been fixed today with a new update for its iOS app, bringing both aesthetic and functional options for meeting your specific needs. On the...

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Mail Pilot makes 'inbox zero' a reality

Even though the initial snafus regarding Apple Mail in OS X Mavericks have been smoothed out, the issues propelled me to start searching for a better mail client for my Mac. After utilizing everything from Gmail's web interface to Postbox, I wanted to see what mail clients were pushing the...

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Introducing the TUAW One-to-One podcast, with first guest Brian Mueller

I'd like to introduce a new part of the TUAW family, our One-to-One podcast. This series will feature one host and one guest; focused on a particular topic, yet unafraid to weave into tangential traffic. Our first guest is the developer behind Carrot To Do, Carrot Alarm Clock and Recur. You can...

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Sign up now for Mail Pilot for Mac's free public beta

Mindsense's Mail Pilot for Mac has moved to the next stage of its Mac client beta by announcing a free public review of the app. Mindsense joins other software developers in trying to overhaul the Mac email experience by focusing on inbox management in productivity. The company already has an iOS...

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Fantastical 2 re-designed and re-engineered for iOS 7

I've been using the new version of Fantastical for a few weeks now, and if you liked the first version, you're going to love the new version. Fantastical has always been designed for ease of use and worked like a dream, but Fantastical 2 builds on those strengths and takes advantage of some key iOS...

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How Mavericks ruined Apple Mail for Gmail users

Sorry, Mail. My fledging relationship with you was just killed thanks to OS X Mavericks. TidBITS confirmed what I suspected the first time I launched Apple Mail after upgrading to Mavericks on Tuesday -- Gmail and Apple Mail are no longer friends. It was always a tenuous relationship to begin...

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Daily iPhone App: Knot reminds you of tasks and gives your memory a workout

The iPhone is usually the item you have at hand when you need to make a quick note, and Knot takes advantage of this by making it as easy as possible to leave yourself a reminder -- tying the proverbial piece of string around your finger. Knot goes a step further from basic reminders by utilizing...

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Review: Mynd calendar app for iPhone

Mynd (free) is an intuitive calendar app for iPhone. It takes the traditional calendar and aims to pack it full of useful information relating to your day-to-day events in order that you would manage those events more effectively. Or, another way of putting it would be that Mynd intuitively manages...

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Five social apps to help you make a decision

Anyone who knows me well understands that I hate making decisions. From what to eat to where to go on vacation, I'd rather have little to no choice in the matter. For decision-avoiding people like me, there are a growing number of social decision-making apps that let you turn to your friends or the...

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Finish 2.0 for iPhone adds reminders, rewards and more

Last January I reviewed Finish for iPhone (US$0.99), a task-management app that went on to win an Apple Design Award. Today, version 2.0 has been released with some sweet new features, including pesky reminders and rewards. My favorite new feature is the "Bother Me" reminder. It's similar to my...

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Daily iPhone App: Grid is an idea organizer for the visually oriented

Organizing your ideas and keeping them tidy can be a challenge. Sometimes you just have to try different apps and different methods until one sticks. If you are in the market for another idea organizer and want something different, you should check out Grid by Binary Thumb. As its name implies,...

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Give Apple's reminders a boost with AppleScript

Reminders is one of those apps that most Mac users probably don't touch, and the vast majority of those who do are likely not getting the most out of it. But with a little added functionality thanks to some basic AppleScript tweaking, Reminders can transform into a more useful tool, allowing you...

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NoteSuite could replace Evernote, Skitch, Reminders, PDF apps and more

NoteSuite is available for Mac and iPad, and despite the lack of an iPhone client it is putting a number of apps on notice. In particular, a lot of the stuff I do with Evernote just got replaced by NoteSuite -- and I don't have to pay a subscription to do any of them. NoteSuite is a suite, in a...

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