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Tag: professional

uShuttl app aims to replace business cards at high cost

uShuttl is a service that wants to replace the business card by enabling business users to send files to customers via a professionally formatted email. It's complete with a company logo, contact information and landing page to download the files. uShuttl also automatically saves the customer ema...

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Prepare a perfectly timed presentation with Video Pitch

If you've ever had to give a timed presentation, be it for educational or professional purposes, you probably know how difficult it is to rehearse and get all of your points across in exactly the right amount of time. Video Pitch wants to give you a helping hand. This iPad app allows you to set a...

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Evernote adds new premium features including business card scanning and presentation modes

Evernote improved its business offerings today with an update for its iOS app that affects Evernote Premium users. The Premium service, which costs US$5 a month or $45 per year, already offers improved collaboration, storage, searching and offline work options for users. Now subscribers will be ab...

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Holiday Gift Guide: iPad apps & accessories for business

From one-person shops to giant enterprises, if businesses agree on anything right now it's "iPad Yay." The Apple tablet hasn't even reached the terrible twos yet, but it's clearly making its presence felt across countless verticals and different industries. For at least a couple of mobile profe...

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The iPad rocks this 'It Girl' remix

We've heard some really good music come out of an iPad before, but to me it's all basically sounded like yeah, it came from a tablet. This remix of Jason Derulo's "It Girl," however, which you can watch below, sounds like the real thing to me. Yes, there's a lot of R&B sampling in there, an...

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Mac Pro refresh bumps up the high end: these go to 12 cores

Processor BTO options range from four cores up to the aforementioned 16; the full matrix includes "Westmere" Xeon X5670 chops running at up to 3.33GHz on the single-chip machine and 2.93GHz on the dual-processor model. Only the dual-processor model can achieve dodecacore status. Mac Pros now offer ...

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GDC 2010: Hands-on with Superbrothers' Sword and Sorcery

"Superbrothers" is the alias of Craig Adams, a Toronto-based artist who specializes in pixel-based artwork and cinema. He's a big fan of musician Jim Guthrie, and after the two met a while ago (and discovered they were actually fans of each other), he was inspired to create a few music videos of th...

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Voice-over recording with voXover

voXover is a new, high end voice-over automation and batch recording application for OS X intended for multimedia, video game, telephone voice-response, and related production uses. Designed for maximum efficiency for projects that require large amounts of individual voice recording, voXover allows ...

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Apple offers two free online Aperture seminars

Apple has announced two free online QuickTime seminars covering Aperture, their app for professional photographers. "Aperture: Streamline Your Workflow After the Shoot" is an introduction to the app from Product Marketing Manager Joe Schorr and Technical Marketing Manager Joseph Linaschke of Apple,...

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Adobe releases Lightroom beta 3

This one slipped past us: Adobe has released a third beta of Lightroom, their Aperture-competitor for professional photographers. The release notes are in PDF (I guess HTML is old news for the company who owns both Flash and Acrobat), but overall, improvements include: enhancements to import/export...

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Apple posts 'Mac at Work' site

So much for those "Apple isn't interested in the science/business/pro sector" theories. Behold, Mac at Work, a new promotional site from Apple with information, case studies, online seminars and real world event listings for just about every interest and sector besides consumers. Just look at the fi...

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Apple to release new in-store brochures, t-shirts

I'm delighted to see ifoAppleStore reporting that Apple will be releasing a new series of brochures and employee t-shirts in their retail stores to advertise the wide range of creative capabilities their Macs and software offer to consumers. The cover of the 12-page brochure (pictured) seems largely...

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Aperture 1.1 released with improvements, price drop, $200 coupon for early adopters

When was the last time you heard of a .1 upgrade to an application putting $200 in your pocket? It looks like pushing the Aperture update back to April did some good after all: This morning, Apple released Aperture 1.1 with a host of upgrades and new features, the most notable being Universal Binar...

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My other issues with iWeb

Adding to the small pile of gripes with the new technology Apple is using with iLife 06, such as complaints about iWeb's bloated CSS or RSS standards and photocasting, I just developed a beef that I haven't really seen mentioned yet: the crummy new URL scheme for iWeb sites, both on and offline. Fir...

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