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Apple suppliers had a very tough February

February is usually not a great month for the companies that supply Apple with its iOS and Mac device parts (Chinese New Year usually falls right in that month, and production in China always take a big downturn as people celebrate there). But this particular past February was especially bad, a...

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Infinity Blade franchise pulls in $30 million in 2011

Angry Birds isn't the only iOS brand that did well over the holiday season: Chair Entertainment reports that Infinity Blade also raked in the money this past holiday season (and the year previous). The franchise as a whole has picked up a whopping $30 million so far. That includes both the orig...

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EA iOS revenues up 100%, Firemint mentioned

EA held a conference call yesterday to talk about the past year's revenues, and it's no surprise that the mobile division is doing great. The mobile revenue total was $70 million for the last quarter, up 27 percent from the same period last year. It doesn't sound like things were quite as busy as ...

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Has the iPhone App Market already crashed?

At GDC Europe earlier this week, Bigpoint CEO Heiko Hubertz claimed that the iPhone app market "has already crashed. You cannot sell your game for 99 cents and expect a return." Apple has said that developers are collectively making more than a billion dollars on the App Store, but Hubertz knocks th...

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AT&T activation numbers show iPhone 4 dominance

I guess we can take potshots at AT&T all day, but the proof is in the pudding. Or activations, in this case: 3.2 million iPhone activations in Q2, which is 10 times the number for the 3GS the year before. Oblivious to the noise about AT&T's network, a full 27% of those activations are new cu...

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Estimate: Top 1000 iPad apps making $372k a day

Here's an interesting look at just how big the iPad app market might be. Vimov, the makers of Weather HD, have used their own sales numbers to put together an analysis of what the top 1,000 iPad apps on the App Store are pulling in, and they've come up with a series of estimated sales for each posi...

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Apple reports 2009 Q3 earnings: $8.34B in revenues, profit of $1.35 per share

For the quarter just completed, Apple reported 8.34 billion dollars in revenue, and earnings of $1.35 per share (versus the $1.17 consensus estimate). 2.6 million Macs sold, 10.2M iPods, 5.2M iPhones, 36.3% margins. Guidance for the next quarter is $1.18 to $1.23 per share (all via CNBC). "Best non-...

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AAPL earnings buoyed by two days of iPhone sales

According to the Dow Jones Marketwatch, apparently Apple's earnings last quarter are going to be much higher thanks to something called the iPhone. You probably haven't heard much about this device, but our sources tell us it's some sort of hybrid between a Personal Digital Assistant and one of thos...

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The cost of Apple TV

Over at the Denver Channel, I found this Business Week write up about the true cost of Apple TV. It offers, they write, no more than a 20% markup in price--far out of line with Apple's other, more profitable products. Is it that Apple is, as I hope, selling the razor (Apple TV) before announcing th...

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Nike profits driven by iPod sports kit

The Nike+iPod kit has proven to be a huge win for Nike's bottom line. Their profits are up this year with higher than expected earnings and their stock has risen to its highest price in a decade. The secret? Apparently it's Nike's iPod kit, at least in part. Bloomberg reports that "Chief Executive O...

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