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It's coming... FarmVille heading to iPhone and iPad

Some will cheer, others will groan, but it seems that the love-it-or-hate-it Facebook game, FarmVille, is on its way to iPhone and iPad. A recent search of domains has uncovered both and, both reserved by the same company currently overseeing Zynga's official Fa...

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The making of The Elements for iPad

Popular Science takes an in-depth look into the makings of The Elements: A Visual Exploration for the iPad, the app that's had many reviewers nearly swooning with giddy geek pleasure. The article is written by the original book's author and Wolfram Research's co-founder, Theodore Gray, who describe...

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Friday Favorite: Snippets

Welcome to Friday Favorites! Every Friday, one of us will get all sloppy over an app, web service, or Mac feature that makes us grin like an idiot every time we use it. This week, Brett tells us about his favorite new snippet manager. If you write code, you probably reuse blocks of it. Whether yo...

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TUAW is now on GitHub

As posting code on the blog can sometimes can get very cluttered, we have just set up a GitHub account for TUAW to make everything better and easier for everyone. This is where you'll be able to find code for our developer-related posts. We'll try to get some projects hosted in there very soon, so d...

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DirecTV NFL Mobile: The most expensive free app in the world

DirecTV, which I love dearly and which supplies signal to eight screens in my house, has just announced the NFL Mobile app [iTunes link] which doesn't go live until September 13th (although you can download it now). Once working, the app will let you watch live streams of all NFL Sunday Ticket foo...

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Over one million downloads for Stanford's iPhone dev course

Here's a telling sign of the popularity of iPhone development: we posted about an online course being offered by Stanford just a few months ago, and in that time, the course has been downloaded over a million times through iTunes. The director of iTunes U at Apple says this is the fastest any course...

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iPhone Dev 101: Useful Cocoa Development Resources

It has been a while since the last iPhone Dev 101 post (and I must apologize for that -- sometime life can get in the way of different things, and this was one of those times). In this Dev 101 post, I want to take you through a few of my favorite resources for Cocoa/iPhone development. Some of these...

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My first iPhone application

Last month I wrote about some resources for learning Objective-C that I was using to learn how to write iPhone applications. Judging by the number of comments on that article, I thought that I should write a follow-up post about my progress and the status of my first iPhone application. Since I had...

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Starting out with Objective-C

I recently decided to embark on a personal challenge to learn Objective-C (the programming language behind Mac and iPhone applications) so that I could one day get applications into the App Store. I'm not looking to make millions with a fart machine app, but I do want to see some of my ideas come to...

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AppLoop brings automated application development to the iPhone

With the iPhone SDK, Apple is pioneering a new mobile development platform that is ahead of it's time; however, this innovation comes with a major caveat: It requires Cocoa (or Objective-C) programming knowledge. You may ask "Why is this a problem?" Well, someone might have a really great idea...

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The ever-extensible Evernote

Evernote, a versatile (and oft-mentioned) note-taking application for Mac and iPhone (as well as Windows and other mobile platforms), has recently opened up a Service API. This comes as an intriguing extension to the basic AppleScript support found in the 1.1.5 release, and opens up the possibility ...

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Apps Amuck gives you free iPhone app tutorials

Since Apple dropped the non-disclosure agreement (NDA) from the iPhone SDK, iPhone developers everywhere have started some awesome projects. From writing a book, to providing examples like Apps Amuck is doing, the development spectrum has exploded. The idea behind of Apps Amuck is to build on the iP...

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JSCocoa 1.0, write Cocoa apps in Javascript

Do you want to write Cocoa applications, but happen to be handier with Javascript than with Objective-C? JSCocoa to the rescue! Similar in concept to RubyCocoa, JSCocoa provides a bridge between Webkit's JavascriptCore and Cocoa, allowing you to call C and Objective-C code, as well as build Javascri...

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XThemes: Your favorite TextMate themes ... in Xcode

I unabashedly love TextMate, and I love my TextMate themes. I do, however, spend a fair amount of time in Xcode, which is why I was excited to find XThemes. With a little bit of drag and drop, you can convert any TextMate theme -- in all of its splendor -- into an Xcode theme. Yes, it's for a limite...

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John Carmack planning a "graphical tour-de-force" for the iPhone

Ah, game developers (especially EA game developers, of which id software's John Carmack is now one, after their announcement at E3 that they'd work together to publish games). They thrive on hype, and live, it seems sometimes, off of speculation. That's probably why Carmack has told Forbes that not ...

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