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Play Rainbow Six: Shadow Vanguard (kind of) with this interactive trailer

This is a new one -- in order to promote its new iOS title, Rainbow Six: Shadow Vanguard (coming to the App Store tomorrow), Gameloft has put together this interactive trailer over on YouTube. Not only does the trailer show off some gameplay of the upcoming title, but it also allows you to actu...

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Ben & Jerry's stores in Singapore giving away free iPhone cases

Popular ice cream chain Ben & Jerry's is giving away a set of pretty awesome iPhone cases -- but only in Singapore. Customers in that country will be able to trade in four carton tops to stores there and pick up one of 5,000 completely free iPhone covers. You can see what the covers look like a...

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TUAW's Daily App: Scrambleface

Scrambleface is a simple app that does one thing pretty darn well. All it does is take live feed from an iPhone or latest-gen iPod touch's camera (and it does require iOS 4.0 or higher), then it turns that into a sliding puzzle for you to unscramble. It's not flashy or crazy, but it is kind of fun, ...

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Toys R Us offering iPod trade-in

We here at TUAW aren't quite sure how great a deal this is, but just in case you want to take advantage, Toys R Us is apparently offering trade-ins on old iPods. From October 17 to the 23rd, the toy chain will take old iPods (no model is specified, but I'd assume older won't get you as much money) ...

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Gourmet magazine to return as iPad app

There's been a lot of talk about the iPad saving print, but in this case it might actually happen. Gourmet magazine closed up shop late last year, but the publisher is getting ready to bring the mag back -- as an iPad app called Gourmet Live. The app will be free (with a few options for in-app payme...

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Minor league baseball team offers free tickets to iPad owners

The New York Yankees may not want anyone to take their iPads out to the ball game, but one minor league team is giving iPad-toting fans free tickets. Every Monday night is "iPad Monday" for the Hudson Valley Renegades. If you were turned away from the gate by those snobby Yankees who apparently ...

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New Apple ads for pet lovers, travelers

Apple has released two more iPhone ads: "Backpacker" and "Dog Lover." "Dog Lover" (seen after the break) explores a family adopting a dog and keeping track of it, demonstrating the following apps: Petfinder (free) Facebook (free) Hey Walkies (free) iCam ($4.99 USD) Note that Petfinder can...

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WebSaver turns web content into a screensaver, free promotion right now

Sandwich Lab sent along word of their app WebSaver, which allows you to create a custom screensaver out of any web content you want. Once you install the screensaver, you can then go into the options and add URLs (like your Twitter feed, a Facebook page, or anything really -- you can make the front...

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C64 to stay free, KaleidoVid also free

A little while back, the C64 app in the App Store (a C64 emulator with officially licensed code from some old Commodore 64 games) announced that it was going free for a day with the Free App a Day promotion. That was a few weeks ago, and you might have noticed that the app is still free in the store...

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Speed Download 5.2.15, and a deal to get it $10 off

The good folks over at YazSoft have released version 5.2.15 of Speed Download, a nice download manager/FTP client that helps me out a lot when I'm browsing for files. This new update brings better YouTube compatibility, a fix to make sure the listed file size is correct on certain FTP servers plus ...

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Apple adds App of the Week to the App Store

This little tidbit was hidden in the rush of iPad news last week, but if you check out the iTunes App Store, you'll notice that Apple has started promoting an official iPhone and iPad App of the Week (presumably every week from now on). They're not diving very deep to find apps for this one (MLB ...

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Urbanspoon shaking right along

Urbanspoon is one of the earliest "locator" apps that I put on my iPhone. It offered up a pretty unique (at the time -- this was, of course, before "shake to undo") "shake to find" feature that solved the problem of a big group asking, "Where should we eat tonight?" Apparently it's still doing pret...

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Apple's iTunes nears 10 billionth song download

Apple has announced it is nearing the 10 billion mark for iTunes music downloads. iTunes changed the way you buy music, making songs and albums available for download, day or night. Seven years later, we're about to celebrate our biggest milestone for music, yet -- 10 billion songs downloaded. ...

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Macworld 2010: Pre-show deals

If you are joining us at Macworld this week, you know that deals abound on the show floor -- every company usually has some sort of show discount or sale going on. And sometimes, even if you're not here at the show, you can still take advantage of the sales back at home. Here's a few we've seen eve...

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TUAW Livechat: Promoting your App Store products

<a href="" >App Store Promotion Clinic</a> Welcome to our informal App Store promotion clinic! Today, we'll be chatting with Brian Akaka of Appular and our ow...

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