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Catalyst Case for iPhone 5 / 5s provides rugged, waterproof protection

Last year I reviewed the now defunct Griffin Survivor + Catalyst iPhone case. This year, Catalyst Lifestyle is now a stand-alone company with an updated range of cases. I had the opportunity to try out the Catalyst Waterproof Stealth Black case for iPhone 5 / 5S (US$64.99). Design The Catalyst Wat...

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Turn your iPhone into a multitool for the ultimate survival accessory

Having a mobile phone with you at all times is a great tool for communication, but sometimes you might need a tool in a more literal sense. Enter the TaskOne iPhone case, a protective cover that is designed to not only protect a handset in the case of a fall but also provide a litany of handy acce...

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Battle Dungeon goes offline due to piracy

Battle Dungeon is a tactical strategy multiplayer game for iOS that arrived on the App Store about a week ago, but it's no longer there. The developer announced on its website that it has pulled the game from the store due to piracy. The US$4.99 game (also supported by in-app purchases) experie...

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Ballistic Tough Jacket: Disaster-proof protection for your iPad

Ballistic makes sturdy cases for the iPhone, now they've got the Tough Jacket for your iPad. Designed to be a resilient but practical cover for Apple's biggest iOS device, the Tough Jacket is made of heavy duty plastic and rubber and comes in three parts which assemble onto your iPad for exceptio...

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Protect your iPhone from prying eyes

Ars Technica posts about the cautionary tale of how vengeful exes and others can use your iPhone to stalk your movements, then offers a great guide to getting your privacy back. The case in point comes from Reddit where someone admitted to using his girlfriend's iCloud account to track her via F...

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Liquipel could make your iPhone waterproof without a case

Yeah, it sounds too good to be true. But that really is an iPhone in the cylinder above. Liquipel claims to make your smartphone water resistant by bonding it inside and out with a "nano" coating which repels water. While this isn't for deep sea diving, it appears to be an ideal solution if you...

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Encased iPad survives 1300 foot drop, because why not?

The folks at G-Form make athletic pads and rugged iPad cases, but they must really hate Apple's tablet over there. Not only did they drop a bowling ball on it and drop it out of a plane at 500 feet, but now they've doubled that distance, throwing a couple of encased iPads from a parachute at a ...

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Use an iPad in a kiosk with aluminum nClosures

The enclosures securing and protecting the iPads I spied at LaGuardia looked like custom jobs for Delta's terminal, but if you want to install an iPad for use in a kiosk, it appears nClosures has your multitouch device literally covered. The iPad kiosk mount from nClosures is a complete solutio...

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Dear Aunt TUAW: Help me disable in-line tool tips and advertising

Dear Aunt TUAW, There are works [sic] that are highlighted and linked to pop-ups when I go to webpages and pass my mouse pointer over them and I would like that to stop. Your loving nephew, Sabon Dear Sabon, Auntie isn't entirely sure whether you're talking about tool tips or in-line...

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Griffin's Woogie turns iPhone into a plush

When I was a kid, we just played with regular stuffed animals, and then Teddy Ruxpin came along and blew us all away. But kids these days, they get all kinds of cool stuff. Like look at this thing: they can stick an iPod touch in a "huggable plush accessory" called the Woogie, and run around with...

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TUAW review and giveaway: iSkin Duo iPad skins

TUAW's holiday weekend giveaways continue, this time with protection for your iPad. We first talked about the iSkin Duo iPad (US$49.95) in a post a couple of weeks ago; it's the iPad skin with built-in Microban® antimicrobial protection. iSkin was kind enough to send three of the units to re...

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Dear Aunt TUAW: Should I buy anti-virus software for OS X?

Dear Auntie, I am relatively new to the Apple desktop world. I just bought my first iMac a little over six months ago and I love it. My question concerns anti-virus software. All of my friends who have Macs say you don't need any. Even the folks at the Apple store said I don't need it. Now that I...

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Enter to win a Fallen Earth item from TUAW

Fallen Earth is a pretty popular post-apocalyptic MMO, and as we announced at GDC, not only have they released a Mac client, but they've got a pretty impressive iPhone app to go along with it coming later this year. To celebrate, they sent us a special code for some virtual in-game Brass Goggles --...

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TUAW Review & Giveaway: OtterBox Commuter / Commuter TL iPhone cases

After the debacle earlier this year when I lost my iPhone 3G, I decided to not only protect the new phone -- my lost 3G had been "naked" -- but make sure that whatever I used to protect it had a bit of heft. My choice of case was the locally-grown (Fort Collins, CO) OtterBox Defender, which fit th...

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Mini-Review: Power Support Track Pad Film

While attracting dirt and grime is a hazard of owning a notebook, the neat-freak and 'oh my gosh this is expensive computer equipment' portions of my brains have always been bothered by how icky my MacBook Pro can get over time. I've tried a few products that are designed to protect one portion or a...

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