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Psystar alienates the Hackintosh community, too

Say what you will about Psystar, the community that continues to sell computers running OS X, despite bankruptcy, constant legal problems with Apple, and a case so slim even their own legal team gave up. Sure, they're out of reason, out of room, and way out of line, but at least they've got plenty o...

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With a rebel Dell, Psystar tries more, more, more

Psystar, that pesky little thorn in Apple's side, has released Rebel EFI. According to Psystar, the app, available for $49.99 through the company's site, "allows for the easy installation of multiple operating systems," including Mac OS X, on a vanilla PC. Besides bypassing EFI requirements, Rebe...

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Psystar, Apple file motions for summary judgment

Apple and Psystar have been embroiled in litigation for quite a while now. At the core of the dispute: Psystar modifies Apple's operating system software so that it can run on its clone machines. It then sells its computers with Mac OS installed to, well, anybody who wants one. As you can imagine, t...

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Psystar to pursue OEM licensing program despite legal woes

Legal issues? What legal issues? Psystar has announced that it plans to license its virtualization technology for OS X to third-party vendors despite its continuing legal issues with Apple. The Psystar OEM Licensing Program, designed to allow Intel machines to run Snow Leopard -- actually, cer...

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Member of Psystar's legal team quits

Earlier this week, David Welker (co-founder of lawfirm Welker and Rosario) left Psystar's legal team. He will be succeeded by Eugene Action, who is already listed as the council of record. If you're unfamiliar with this story (and who could blame you, it's so ridiculous), here's a primer. Psystar...

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Bruce Sewell to join Apple as General Counsel & senior vice president

Apple has a new General Counsel and senior vice president on its executive team. Bruce Sewell, who held the same position at Intel Corporation, will be joining Apple in place of Daniel Cooperman. Cooperman, who has been General Counsel and senior vice president of Legal and Government Affairs for th...

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Psystar sues over Snow Leopard, abandons reality

When I was a kid my neighbor had an enormous St. Bernard dog named Caesar. It lived in a grungy dog house in their back yard. Caesar's hobbies included barking incessantly. In fact, that was all he ever did. All day and all night that furry, drooling monstrosity barked. LIke a canine jackhammer to t...

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Psystar bankruptcy dismissed, stays against Apple blocked

Over the weekend, The Mac Observer posted a detailed analysis of the latest chapter in the Psystar saga. It's taken me a few days to come down from vacation and try to wrap my brain around the legalese, but here's the condensed version of what happened. Psystar was granted its motion to dismiss its...

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Psystar emerges from Chapter 11, and still making applesauce

The infamous Mac-clone maker Psystar is apparently set to emerge from Chapter 11 bankruptcy, and it seems that they are planning on getting right back into their previous routine with a new hardware offering to boot. In an e-mail newsletter that went out to subscribers today, the company states that...

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Newcomer steps in to fill Mac clone "Quo"ta

Update: @JoeWilsonTV responded in the comments that Quo Computer is open (telephone number in his comment) and that they are taking orders in the store. The website is supposed to launch next Monday. Thanks Joe! It seems like it was only last week that Mac clone maker, Psystar filed for Chapter 11 b...

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Psystar files for Chapter 11, tucks tail between legs

In the fight for the right to party sell unauthorized Mac clones, there may be a victor declared sooner rather than later -- if not legally, then fiscally. Psystar, which has been playing with fire for quite some time, recently hit a snag in its battle with Apple. The Mac Observer is reporting that ...

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Psystar releases Open(3), plays with fire

Say, just for the sake of argument, that you're Psystar. You've been served by Apple for selling (they claim) illegal clones of their machines, and selling their OS (which you claim isn't even copyrighted) on illegitimate hardware. Sure, you've won a minor victory in the battle, but generally, the...

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App Store facing competition from jailbreak app sales?

While we're pondering the consequences of RIM announcing that programs in the Blackberry "App World" must be at least $2.99US, there are alternatives to the iTunes App Store emerging from the jailbreak side of the iPhone world. The Wall Street Journal reports that Cydia is making the transition from...

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Psystar wins a battle, legal war just getting started

Previously in the Apple-Psystar legal battle, the clone maker amended its countersuit to charge that Apple was unfairly leveraging its copyright by binding Mac OS X to Mac hardware. On Friday, the federal judge assigned to the case ruled that the amendment will be heard by the court, a small victor...

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German Mac clone maker claims it won't face Psystar's legal troubles

Matthias Kremp, of German periodical Der Spiegel, has an interesting story about PearC, "Der PC mit Mac OS X." You don't need Google Translate to figure out what that means, though a mechanical translation of the story is available here. PearC is offering three flavors of Mac clones in Germany, star...

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