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Current game network developers comment on Apple's Game Center

Way back in February at Macworld, one of my questions to Eros Remini of OpenFeint was pretty blunt: "Why," I asked a representative from the biggest third-party social gaming network on the iPhone, "haven't we seen an official platform-wide network?" Remini didn't have a good answer for Apple, but h...

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More eBook trouble for Amazon

Amazon has run into more trouble with its pricing -- after Macmillan and HarperCollins, a third company has pressured the online book retailer to raise prices on their Kindle eBooks. This time it's the Hachette Book Group, and their CEO in an internal memo says that the company will switch to an "a...

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HarperCollins pressuring Amazon to hike Kindle prices

The iPad is still a few months away from actual release, but it already has publishers scrambling to be in the right place when the revolution comes. First, Amazon gave in to Macmillan's bid to raise prices on their own store, and now HarperCollins is putting the pressure on that same site to raise ...

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One path to magazines on the iPhone: Pixel Mags

As the attention of the Apple-loving world turns to the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts later today, there are plenty of expectations that print publishers -- newspapers, magazines and textbooks -- will play a huge role in the new world order, providing paid content for users of the hypothetical-but...

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Apple meeting with "nearly all 6" largest trade publishers

Electronista is reporting today that Apple is in talks with "probably all six" of the largest publishers in preparation for the tablet's release (I think it's safe to officially call it real now). Publishers Marketplace notes that it's all going down in New York City, with ebooks being the topic of ...

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Amazon Kindle moves to App Store's 70/30 revenue split

Most of the rumors coming out about next week's event say that there'll be a tablet with a lot of similarities to the popular Amazon Kindle device, but even before Apple takes the stage, Amazon is taking one of the new ideas for its own. The online retail powerhouse announced that it is adapting a p...

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