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US Senator says DOJ should drop Apple ebook lawsuit

Senator Charles Schumer of New York (right) appealed to the U.S. Department of Justice yesterday in the Wall Street Journal to drop its lawsuit against Apple and a number of major publishers. The DOJ alleges that Apple and the publishers colluded to raise prices in the ebook market. Schumer sta...

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Next Issue offers all-you-can-read iPad magazine store

It's being called kind of a Netflix for magazines, and the description is apt. Five top U.S. publishers have gotten together to provide an iPad app that lets you read a great variety of magazines at a price of U.S. $9.99-$14.99 per month. The new company is called Next Issue and it's a rather bol...

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iBook Lessons: Publishing costs

iBook Lessons is a continuing series about ebook writing and publishing. Andrew Hyde jumped into the ebook business with both feet. After fully funding a KickStarter project to raise start-up costs for his "This Book is about Travel," he published his manuscript to a variety of vendors. His o...

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Roambi adds app publishing tool to analytics lineup

The iPad's ongoing march into the enterprise means that sales, presentation and analytics apps are perpetually hot on the App Store and in business deployment plans. The make-the-numbers-shiny analytics crowd has gravitated towards apps like MicroStrategy, QlikView and IBM's Cognos Mobile to he...

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GameFly wants to get into iOS publishing, create an Android App Store

Game rental service GameFly has decided to go all-in on mobile publishing for some reason. The service, which rents out console games in the Netflix style, and runs the Shacknews gaming news outlet, has had a pretty popular GameCenter app out on the App Store for a while now. But now it's getti...

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Inkling to sell iPad textbooks in over 900 college bookstores

Inkling is an e-book publishing platform that's currently running an app on the App Store, and while Apple has been making an official push for more textbooks in iBooks, Inkling is strengthening its own holdings. The company has made a deal with Follett to bring hundreds of Inkling titles into ...

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Confirmed: Rovio acquires rights to Casey's Contraptions

Rovio's Ville Heijari has confirmed the rumor we heard yesterday is true, and Rovio is taking over the iOS Casey's Contraptions title from developers Noel Llopis and Miguel A. Friginal. We're still not sure what the exact business agreement is, but it sounds like an acquisition of all rights as...

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You're the Pundit: Could Apple introduce iBooks Author print-on-demand?

When it comes to evaluating the next big thing, we turn to our secret weapon: the TUAW braintrust. We put the question to you and let you have your go at it. Today's topic is print-on-demand. Everybody's doing it. Amazon does it. Lulu does it. Even Apple does it -- so long as what you're printin...

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You're Our Editor: iBooks Author or ePub for the iBooks store?

Normally we turn to the TUAW Brain Trust for your opinions about hot topics in the news and your predictions about the future of tech. Today, we're switching things up. Instead of asking about where things are going, we're asking you about strategy. Here's the situation: Like many authors, TUAW...

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iBook Lessons: Creating Amazon KDP tables of contents on MS Word for Macintosh

For whatever reason, many Amazon authors seem to be under the impression that you can only create a proper table of contents for Kindle Direct Publishing on Windows, not the Mac. Having just uploaded our newest book (Getting Ready for Mountain Lion) to Amazon, Steve Sande and I have invested a l...

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Ex-WSJ publisher: Apple's 30% profit sharing ebook agency model is not a conspiracy

As Apple prepares to go to trial to fight the US Department of Justice's claims that the Cupertino company conspired to fix ebook prices with publishers, former publisher of the Wall Street Journal L. Gordon Crovitz has an interesting oped in today's paper which he says that Apple's 30% profit sha...

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Conde Nast to track iPad readership

It's been two long years for advertisers working with Conde Nast and their digital magazines. Until now, the publication has provided advertisers with only minimal details on its digital readership. An AdAge report suggests this is all about the change. Because of the newness of the medium, C...

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Kickstarter-funded PXL Magazine debuts on the iPad

Randy Nelson is a former colleague of mine over at Joystiq, and he stepped away from our gaming-focused sister site last year to follow his own path. Part of that path includes a new gaming magazine project called PXL, which Nelson posted on Kickstarter back in January. With a humble budget of ...

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iBookstore adds screenshots, promo codes, and more for publishers

iTunes Connect has sent out a letter to content publishers detailing some changes and improvements to the iBookstore. Just like the App Store, the iBookstore now allows publishers to issue promo codes for content sold on the store -- up to 50 free codes distributable to book reviewers. Publishers c...

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Why McGraw-Hill is selling iBooks for $15

The announcement this morning that textbooks would be sold through the iBookstore wasn't especially surprising. But the price was; full-featured multimedia electronic textbooks being offered for no more than US$15 is exactly the kind of disruptive shakeup the industry needed. While only the K-12 e...

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