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Online iPhone sales return to NYC

As Engadget is reporting, New York City residents can get back to buying their iPhones via AT&T's website after the strange outage that seemed to start yesterday kept them from doing so. It's been a rollercoaster of a story -- first we heard that they weren't being sold at all because of covera...

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Apple patent reveals plans for more iPhone wifi purchases

I'd just like to say that I called it. Way back earlier this year when Apple first announced that you'd be able to use your iPhone to buy iTunes songs at Starbucks, I commented that this was only the beginning, and now Forbes publishes news about a patent that confirms exactly that: Apple is working...

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iPod touch 101: Free Tuesday selections on the wireless store

The secret to using the iTunes wireless store resides on your personal computer. Log into your iTunes account before you sync your iPod touch. The mobile music store then uses your account information from iTunes to facilitate your purchases. To take advantage of the iTunes weekly freebies, point Mo...

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The Tao of iTunes credits

Apple has a support article up today discussing how and in which order your iTunes Store credits get redeemed. Here's the run-down in a nutshell: If you have a free song credit from, for example, a Coke or Pepsi promotion and you're buying a song, that credit gets used first. It doesn't matter what ...

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iTunes 7 music purchases don't play on iTunes phones?

A reader linked us to an Apple Discussion thread where a number of users have listed problems with playing purchases from the iTS through iTunes 7 on their Motorola SLVR and ROKR iTunes phones. It seems these users can play regular music they ripped from CDs, as well as purchases made through iTunes...

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