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Cubot is a fun, minimalist puzzler

For fans of shape-based slide puzzles, such as the Rubick's Cube and Tetris will enjoy Cubot. This game, at it's core, is simply rolling cubes around on a grid of squares, to a square that corresponds with a cube's color (the basic cubes are blue). But the difficulty comes in as cubes are added....

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Wordrix is a fun puzzle, but a puzzling game

Wordrix is available for iPhone and iPad, optimized for iPhone 5, requiring iOS 6 or later. A kind of Scrabble for the iPhone lover, it is free but features an in-app store where the user can purchase coins to unlock different features (base pack...

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Circle the Dot: A simple puzzle game that will make you scream

I hate Circle the Dot, but just spent three hours playing it. This simple puzzle game gives you a grid full of orange dots and one lonesome blue dot. Your goal is to circle the blue dot with orange dots in as few moves as possible. Only the blue dot is an evil, slippery monster. It doesn't want to...

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Fall under the spell of Spellfall

Spellfall (free with in-app purchases) is a puzzle game with RPG elements where you try to match three or more tiles to damage enemies. Players have a certain number of turns to defeat enemies. If they fail to do so, the enemies take their turn to attack. When you run out of health, the battle...

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Puzzlfy is great fun for all

Puzzlfy is an iPad only jigsaw puzzle game where you can make your own puzzles either from photos or video. There are a few options to make puzzles out of video and photos provided by the game but the real fun is taking your own photos and making puzzles out of them. Puzzlfy works on iPads...

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Line Up Tiles is simple fun

Line Up Tiles is a fun yet simple puzzle game where you try to match lines of tiles in three different modes. Reminiscent of how a Rubik's Cube moves, each line of tiles moves in one direction either horizontally or vertically. When you match at least three tiles of the same color, those tiles...

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Sticking to the rules in Rules!

Rules! for iOS is a very fun but challenging game about following and remembering rules in a sequence in order to clear a tiled board. A variable time limit adds excitement and ups the challenge. The game is compatible with all iOS devices running iOS 7.1 or later and costs US$1.99. The...

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SpinIn is a rock solid sliding puzzle game

SpinIn is a challenging sliding puzzle game on iOS. The goal is to move stone tile pieces to create a pathway for a gem piece to fall through an opening. It features puzzles that usually contain three or less pieces. The difficulty level of each puzzle varies. Some puzzles are easy to solve....

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Bicolor proves simple doesn't mean boring

Two colors and a single shape -- apparently that's all it takes to create a fantastic iOS puzzle game. That's all Bicolor really is, but I absolutely can't stop playing it. It's the kind of game you'll beat your head on the wall over, simply because you'll wish you had thought of the game...

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Bricks puts a new spin on the old block-busting genre

Putting a new spin on an established game mechanic isn't easy, and when you're talking about a game idea as simple as bouncing a ball off of a block, innovation is even more difficult. But against all odds, the new iOS game Bricks manages to pull it off, thanks to simple motion controls, a...

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Symmetrain challenges your one-handed reflexes

iPhone games that you can play with one hand are a dying breed. It seems like flashy graphics and complicated controls are all the rage these days, and playing a game with just one thumb is a rare treat. Symmetrain is just that kind of treat. You know those old "spot the difference" puzzles,...

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Rescue a civilization of adorable citizens in the dreamy world of Kiwanuka

The best word I can find to describe Kiwanuka is "abstract." This physics-based puzzle game is more demanding than many in the genre thanks to the all-or-nothing puzzle solutions and total abandonment of a hint system that has become commonplace in the App Store. From the cutesy characters to the...

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The coolest jigsaw puzzle ever

Putting together a massive puzzle using multiple iPads looks like it would be a ton of fun... now what bank will let me take a loan out for it? [Photo credit: Nate Bolt]...

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Bridge Constructor Medieval doesn't fix what isn't broken

"Don't fix what isn't broken" is good advice for iOS app developers. If you have a formula that works, stick with it and ride the success train as long as you can. That's what Headup Games has done with the Bridge Constructor series. With their original Bridge Constructor title already a huge hit...

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I was having a lot of fun with this iOS game, and then it rained

Every time I think I've seen the last, best new puzzle game idea, another game comes out of nowhere to blindside me. You wouldn't think a concept as simple as catching drops of rain in buckets could translate into a gripping puzzle experience, but you'd be wrong. '... and then it rained' is just...

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