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What the heck is Blek?

There are some fantastic puzzle games on iOS, but the vast majority could be replicated on a different, non-touch device without too many issues. Blek is a rare breed in that it absolutely could not be played without a touchscreen, since your ability to draw on the screen is essentially what the...

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Hitman GO is really killing it

If you've ever played a Hitman game, your eyebrow probably immediately raised at the prospect of a new Hitman game for iOS. The stealth action titles for PC and consoles focus on picking off guards and taking out assassination targets, and in that way Hitman GO stays true to the franchise....

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Daily App: Numerity is a twist on the paint by numbers game

Numerity from Zedarus Entertainment takes a paint by numbers game and turns it into an entertaining puzzle game that challenges you to find the object hidden in a cluster of numbers. The gameplay is easy, which may be a turn off for folks looking for more than a hidden numbers game. In each...

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Perloo is a free physics-based puzzler that is clever and engaging

I'm not hooked on too many games, although the original Angry Birds did cost me many (happy) hours. Every so often something catches my attention, and Perloo has done that. Perloo is a free app that has no 'help' page, no screen of instructions. It starts in black, and then a man in a meadow...

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Strata is a colorful, relaxing puzzler with a unique personality

Strata is a puzzle game like none that I've ever played, and since I spend a good deal of my time specifically looking for unique puzzle games on the App Store, that's saying something. There are no fun little characters, no bright lights or flashy graphics; it's just colorful ribbons and some...

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Unfortunately, Guess The 90s is really, really good

There are already enough (or perhaps too many) trivia games on the iPhone. There are all-encompassing gems like QuizUp but most aren't nearly that well done, and to be honest, I was kind of hoping Guess The 90s would be a dud as well. I was born in the mid 80s, so the vast majority of my childhood...

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Daily App: Threes! is a tiny puzzler that'll convince you math is cool

Threes! is a game of threes that, appropriately, was made by three people -- Asher Vollmer, Greg Wohlwend and Jimmy Hinson. It's a sliding puzzle game that'll have you doing math and loving every minute of it. Threes! challenges you to slide numbers together in order to add them, but there is a...

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Review: Simian.Interface lands on iOS with its primate-stumping puzzles

Simian.interface has been around for a while as a browser-based Flash game created by Vested Interest. Thanks to some hard work by the developers at Bullseye Studio and the publishing prowess of Chillingo, the title is now available for iPhone and iPod touch owners. Just like the web title,...

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Stealth Inc will soon infiltrate your iOS devices

The highly rated stealth puzzler Stealth Inc will eventually break free of its current console and PC shackles and find its way to iOS, reports Pocket Gamer. The game -- which was originally titled Stealth Bastard before that name raised too many red flags -- tasks you with guiding an adorable...

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Daily iPhone App: Pivvot mixes music and mayhem

I really have a thing for simple games. And I'm not using the word "simple" as a replacement for "easy." I just mean that if a game can teach me how to play it without having to explicitly explain how, I'm much more likely to enjoy my first experience with it. Pivvot is that kind of a...

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Daily iPhone App: Fold is the most original iOS puzzler in years

As iPhone puzzle games go, Fold is a bit of a strange duck. It's not particularly flashy or funny or action-packed, but it still manages to be worth a look simply based on its originality. In Fold you are tasked with removing lines of colored blocks from the screen simply by tapping on them, but...

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Daily iPhone App: Perfection is an original, fun, and easily accessible puzzle game

Creating an original, fun and easily accessible puzzle game for iOS can't possibly be an easy task these days. You'd think that by now just about every new idea would already have been done a dozen times. Then a game like Perfection comes along and proves that theory wrong. Perfection tasks you...

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Daily iPhone App: Scurvy Scallywags is great fun for landlubbers or first mates

Ron Gilbert is the great game designer mind behind popular series like Monkey Island, Maniac Mansion, and the recent Deathspank games. His latest project is called Scurvy Scallywags, and arrived on iOS last week. The game is great -- it's a match-3 title that makes use of some excellent RPG and...

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Road Not Taken is coming soon from Triple Town's creators

Triple Town is one of my favorite games on iOS over the past few years -- it's a puzzle game with a simple ruleset and a whole lot of complexity. The creator of that game, called Spry Fox, has announced a new title in development called Road Not Taken, and you can now see some concept art from it...

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Everplay Interactive plans a solid lineup this year

Developer Kris Jones started out his iOS game design career at a company called Thunder Game Works, which made a popular early App Store game called Trenches before the company connected up with EA as a publisher. These days, Jones runs his own studio of twelve people called Everplay...

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