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LiveChat: Pwnage and Beyond

This weekend, the iPhone Dev Team delivered an iPhone 2.0 jailbreak. Today, TUAW invites you to chat about the jailbreak, about the new Cydia installer, and about the future of iPhone jailbreak development and use. Follow the jump to join in our discussion....

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Pwnage 2.0 released

The iPhone Dev Team has just released PwnageTool 2.0, thus bringing jailbreak and non-App Store third-party application support to iPhones/iPod Touches running firmware 2.0. First-generation iPhones can also be unlocked. At this time, the iPhone 3G cannot be unlocked or used with BootNeuter. Erica w...

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Poachers Pilfer Pwnage

Looks like unscrupulous poachers are stealing free software. Word this morning is that UK-based is selling the otherwise free Pwnage tool and for a hefty 29.99 ($60). Not a bad profit margin for software they neither built nor have the right to distribute.To quote the iPhone dev ...

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Pwn your iPhone using Windows

Yes, you can has winpwn -- for beta values of "can has". Pwning an iPhone means preparing it to accept custom iPhone firmware bundles (ipsw files) in iTunes. Winpwn 99.1.8 Beta has been released for public testing (though keep in mind that this particular tool is for use with Windows). If you're w...

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Pwnage updated to 1.1

Are you an iPhone developer? Sick from missing the command line ever since you upgraded to 5A240d? Good news, everyone! PwnageTool just reached version 1.1. The new tool allows you to add custom packages, logos and fixes EDGE settings under 1.1.4. Either pop over to or choose PwnageTo...

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Liveblog with the iPhone Dev Team: iPwnage

Yep, iPwnage was released today by the iPhone Dev Team, allowing the installation and loading of arbitrary firmware onto the iPhone and iPod touch. Great, but what does that buy you? Let's take a few minutes to chat with iPwnage developers Pytey, NerveGas and more to get a sense of the possibilities...

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iPhone Dev Team cancels pwnage, sells IP

This posting on states that the iPhone dev team has withdrawn their pwnage tool and sold all their intellectual property rights to an unnamed third party. No further details are available about the settlement and I'm assured this is real and not an April's Fools joke. Update: I am als...

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iPhone pwnage tool delayed

I've been looking forward to the iPhone pwnage tool for some time now. When released, pwnage will allow you to load pre-customized iPhone firmware bundles via iTunes. This means that instead of jailbreaking your phone after updates, you can install already-jailbroken systems. Yesterday, the iPhone d...

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