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Run Vista on your Intel Mac with Q

Parallels Desktop is all the rage in Mac virtualization these days, but it doesn't offer one major feature (yet): the ability to run Vista on an Intel Mac (believe it or not, this will be useful to many a Mac user). Sure, they've promised it's coming on their blog, but who wants to wait for Paralle...

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Run Windows on your Intel Mac in OS X

Sure, you could dual boot Windows and OS X on your Intel Mac, but what if you just need to use a Windows program once and awhile? Why not read this article about using Q, an open source Windows emulator, that let's you run Windows in a window (much like Virtual PC, which doesn't work on Intel Macs ...

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Emulate Windows with Q

I just downloaded and installed Q on my iMac Core Duo. I tried importing my Windows 2000 Virtual PC 7 image from an old backup disk, and it imported, but keeps crashing at startup. However, this discussion over at Accelerate Your Macintosh has me hopeful that Q just may be the future of free Windows...

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