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Sprint iPhone sales hold steady, AT&T and Verizon decline

Sprint has announced that it sold 1.5 million iPhones in the last quarter. That means the company is holding fairly steady for iPhone sales, having sold about the same number in the previous quarter. 40 percent of last quarter's sales were to new Sprint subscribers, so the iPhone is bringing in...

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Apple's "disappointing" quarter cause for questions, not panic

In amongst the MoLo Madness, there's been some back and forth in the blogosphere today over the possibility that Apple's third quarter financial results were "disappointing" or not, mostly based on the fact that professional analysts predicted Apple would earn far more than it did and now they're ...

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Microsoft also declares record revenue, but Apple still on top

Apple isn't the only technology company that's posting record revenue this year -- Microsoft has brought in $16.20 billion in the last quarter, which stands as a record with a 25 percent increase from the same time last year. The Seattle giant also increased net income to $5.41 billion, so it looks...

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Developers drop prices on super popular App Store apps

If you thought yesterday's App Store sales were nice, you haven't seen anything yet. For some reason, a whole bunch of terrific apps are dropping their prices this weekend, and Touch Arcade has put together a nice roundup. TUAW Daily App choices Osmos, Archetype, Civilization Revolution, Secret of ...

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iTunes accounting for 1/4 of all U.S. music sales

Overall, music sales fell by more than a billion dollars last year, but Apple's iTunes is doing better than ever. The digital music distribution service claimed more money than ever, and now represents the biggest U.S. market for music sales, making up over a quarter of total music sales in this cou...

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Apple retail store sales climb 8%

Apple just continues to ignore the bad economic conditions -- sales at Apple Stores have reportedly gone up 8% during the quarter that ended in March. That's a pretty wholesome figure considering no new Apple computers were offered -- before you protest and ask about the iPad and the new MacBooks, d...

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Estimates emerge of Apple's Q1 iPhone, Mac sales

Apple typically reports their 1st quarter financial results in late January, so we'll have to wait a few more weeks for the official word. However, the analysts have begun to share their estimates and the numbers are very impressive. Brian Marshall at Broadpoint.AmTech has estimated that Apple so...

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Overall Mac sales up 21%, desktops up 74% year over year

There's probably a number of reasons why this might have happened (and we're sure you can come up with more than we can), but nevertheless, here you go: overall Mac sales are up by 21 percent in October and November since last year at the same time, according to Gene Munster (not pictured), analyst...

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Apple's $18 billion stash

Where's all that cash that Apple made from the iPhone and all those iPods, Macs, and iTunes downloads last year going? Why, right into Apple's mattress. According to the Financial Times, Apple currently has $18 billion sitting on their balance sheet, doing nothing much at all. And they're OK with th...

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