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How to copy text when previewing a document using Quick Look in OS X

Quick Look is a fantastic feature that makes it easy for you to preview documents in the finder window with just a simple tap of the space bar. You can make the feature even more powerful with this terminal command that adds a copy function to any text you are viewing in the Quick Look window. ...

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Mac 101: Use Quick Look to create an instant slideshow from your photos

Did you know that OS X has a handy feature for easily previewing a bunch photos in a slideshow format? It's a basic slideshow with no option to add music, but it is perfect if you want to quickly show a handful of your photos to your friends or family. To use Quick Look to create a slideshow, y...

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Mac 101: Zoom in and out while in Quick Look

Here's a neat trick if you want to zoom in on an image while using Quick Look. Hold down the Option key while your mouse is hovered over the image, and it will change to a magnifying glass. Once you've zoomed in, drag the cursor, use the scroll wheel, or two fingers on a trackpad to move around t...

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TUAW Tips: Get a better view with Quick Look

Quick Look is such an awesome feature of Mac OS X 10.5 and 10.6, making it really fun and easy to view files and folders from anywhere on your Mac. But what happens when you have a folder with multiple items and want to get a better idea of what's inside? Well, you could always just open the folder ...

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TUAW Tip: Add file extensions to Quick Look

TUAW reader David wrote us to ask how he could view .erb files (Rails development) in Quick Look. The fact is, there are a lot of plain-text files with extensions that Quick Look doesn't recognize. It's relatively straightforward to tell Quick Look to treat these files like any other text file and p...

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Mac 101: Zoom and pan images in Quick Look

Is your laptop not among those that can do Multi-touch? Don't feel badly, you can replicate those great features! Well, kind of. First, open an image with Quick Look. Next, hold down the Option key while performing a two-finger scroll. The image zooms in and out! Finally, let go of the Option key b...

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Quick Look Suspicious Packages

As I've noted before, I'm a huge fan of Quick Look and I eagerly follow the third-party plugins released by developers. A new one came along recently that's worth a look, especially for the security-conscious out there. Suspicious Package will let you use Quick Look to examine the contents of standa...

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10 ways to get the most out of Quick Look

When Steve first demonstrated Quick Look, I though it looked gimmicky. Interesting, for sure, but nothing I'd use regularly. Much like Star Wars Episode I: Fun when viewed for the first time, but I'll never watch it again. Three months later, Quick Look is my favorite feature of Leopard. It's conven...

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FileSpot 2.1 released: Supercharged Spotlight interface

Synthesis Studios has released version 2.1 of FileSpot (formerly MoRU), their advanced interface for Spotlight. It allows you to make advanced, boolean logic queries and makes accessible some of the more complex aspects of Spotlight. Not to make it sound complicated, though, its iTunes-ish interface...

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Quick Look Plugin sites

It should be clear by now that I love Leopard's Quick Look, particularly because of the modular way that Apple designed it so that it can be expanded and extended by third parties. And those third parties are responding! To keep track of all these plugins two interesting new sites have sprung up, Qu...

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Leopard love: Quick Look works on files in the Trash

One of my Mac OS pet peeves from way, way back is how the Finder handles a double-click to a file in the Trash. Sure, I know that opening the file may prevent me from effectively emptying the Trash, but I really would love to know what's in that graphic I tossed weeks ago before I wantonly delete i...

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Quick Look Folder and Zip plugins

Quick Look is a beautiful thing, and in my view practically itself worth the cost of admission to Leopard. Unfortunately, the more you get used to it, the more annoying it is when you get to a file format that Quick Look doesn't support. Fortunately, Apple was smart enough to design Quick Look with...

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Mac 101: Using Quick Look

So far as I can tell, practically everybody loves Leopard's Quick Look previewer. For today's Mac 101 I thought I'd share a few tips about using Quick Look. First is nice little tip from Mac OS X Hints about zooming in Quick Look. If you invoke Quick Look with the spacebar you can actually zoom...

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Terminal Tip: Use Quick Look from the Leopard command line

TUAW reader Shaun Haber sent us a link to his personal blog with a great post about using Leopard's Quick Look from the command line, which is wonderfully handy for anyone who spends a chunk of their day in Terminal. The qlmanage utility gives you direct access to many Quick Look functions; of spec...

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24 Hours of Leopard: Quick Look

Feature: Quick Look How it works: Quick Look has the potential to change the way Mac users interact with their computers. It brings super-quick access to your files by allowing you to preview a variety of files without opening them in their associated applications. Instead of opening a file by dou...

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